Staying Grounded When Change Shifts Everything

My personal experience with change shows me that building a support system is an important preparatory step to surviving change with a modicum of sanity. You will never be able to build for every change, that’s just the nature of change. But you can put some anchors in place to assist the process. And this is where the earth cards come into play.

What is Change?
Change is simply a transformation of energy from one form or one state into another. Some changes are much more dramatic than others and for a variety of reasons. All change demands a mental transformation and challenges our way of thinking. Sometimes it involves a perceived loss. Tracking the whole truth about the transformation/change is not available until after the fact. And, to make it more difficult, the need for perspective in tracking the deepest truth about the change can reel itself into the future so far that perceiving the whole of it, well sometimes it just never happens. In other words, the true nature of change happens to the person experiencing the change. Expressing the experience verbally is often very difficult.

The Magick of Earth
Thank the universe for the element of earth. Earth grounds and depending on the degree of earth within you, you may be able to ground yourself easily without much thought. People who can do this can weather any storm and you definitely want one of them in your corner. But alas, most us get flustered in one area or another and need help.

Try incorporating these 3 ways toward stability into your path:

1. Plan a firm foundation – Combine your mental capability with earth. Focus and attention and developing skills will carry you through any job or career change. It’s when we get stagnant and inflexible that we don’t move forward. Look to education as the way up. Tackle skills before you really need them. Allow your self some time to mourn any loss but don’t make the loss part of your belief system. Examine these cards in the Rider-Waite deck: 8 of Coins

2. Limit distractions – This may mean eliminating people who demand that you entertain them. It may also mean cutting back on diversionary tactics and stepping out of auto pilot – less television, less internet, less gossip, more reading, deeper conversation, more volunteering, more physical movement. It also means you need to face every day squarely and face first. Being able to hear and observe can save you from a load of trouble. Teach your children how to entertain themselves and help them prepare for change in their lives. Give them a span of time each day when they are expected to do so - reading books, playing games, planning a future event. Examine these cards in the Rider-Waite deck: 7 of Coins

3. Head in a different direction - Adopt the idea that everyday when you rise, everything has changed. That in the dark of night a little gnome has moved the one pawn you need moved in order to win. When everyone was asleep you gained ground. You can leave the gnome out if you want just know that your perception is limited unless you make an effort to take yourself out of it. So when you catch yourself being automatic, stop and head in a different direction. Get out of bed on the opposite side than you normally do. Use your mouse with your other hand. Choose the smaller grocery cart and make smarter choices. Try a different gas station. Examine these cards in the Rider-Waite deck: 5 of Coins reversed

The secret is to ground yourself in change and then change will never be ungrounded again. Make change an adventure.

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