Sharon Shinn Does It Again

My library magic has worked once again. I find I get stuck in the non-fiction realm - I love non-fiction, I love facts. But I need some sci-fi or fantasy relief from time to time and so when I headed into the parking lot of the local library on Saturday I thought to myself "I would love a new Sharon Shinn novel" and darned if there wasn't a new one on the shelves. It must have been released the first part of this year.

For those of you who don't know Sharon Shinn, she is a national bestseller in the area of fantasy. She writes three different series. One series is about a human world inhabited by angels and humans and has a very middle eastern feel to it. It's called the Alleluia Files and each novel has names pertaining to angels.

And then a series that mixes magic and a sort of King Arthuresque landscape (the thirteenth house and the twelfth house series)but creates her own maps, lands, wars and a bit of romance into the whole thing. Great entertainment for the female mind, full of mystics, moon goddesses, knights in shining armour and wonderful "outsiders" that find their own place in the world.

And then a third group really, not so much a series, that's mixed and each one is a singular set of characters. Sometimes they are futuristic settings and sometimes they are Renaissance in their landscapes. Appealing to the female mind more than the male I would venture to say.

I love the mystics in these books. I see tarot concepts woven throughout their stories. The mystics are what I invision humans as really being, underneath all the muck and stuff we pile on top of us. What do you think about this author?

Here's a link to a search for Sharon Shinnat Amazon. You should see a whole list of her books here. And here's a link to here latest, the one I am reading now, Dark Moon Defender.

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