Summer Solstice Sun Worship - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

June 18 - June 24

Summer Solstice rings in the hottest portion of the year, the fruition of the planting season and the slow descent into autumn and then winter. Winter seems so far away doesn’t it? And quite impossible that it could even exist when the temperature begins to climb at this point in the year. The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, the day when the Sun shines the longest.

The horoscopes this week focus on the external, what people who aren’t aware or are unobservant focus on – the appearance. This is the appearance of people, places, events, and our interpretation of them. Humans have a tendency to become comfortable with what we perceive as normal to the point that we fear what we “see” as not fitting that perception.

Your challenge this week is to take yourself out of the “norm” and do so everyday – at least once a day. Do you not say hello to your neighbors? Try saying hello and speaking with them for a minute. Got a routine that you just never step out of? Step out of it in a different way every day this week. Are your routines built out of fear? Competitiveness? Or creativity? Question yourself and find out. Smile and say hello this week, and every week for that matter, and watch the reaction from others. Then take note of your own response.

The Sun card is saturated with joy and warmth. When we step out of our routines and begin to build something of the heart the Sun card shines and shimmers. Summer Solstice is a time of regeneration and transformation. The goals of the past year, the ones requiring a structure to be built and filled, are often at fruition at this time of the year. Enjoy the warmth and allow it to seep into your pores and body and it will be there for you throughout the coldest moments of life.

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