Mysteries & Messages From Beyond The Grave

The forensic pathologist, Janis Amatuzio, MD, released a new book earlier this year that I just finished reading. It is titled Beyond Knowing and it is filled with her own and others personal experiences with family and friends as they pass over.

Handling death on a daily basis gives Dr. Amatuzio a unique perspective. She reminded me of a few things that I thought you might be interested in.

Observe, Don’t Judge Working with death and being the one who literally gives words and authority to “the cause of death” for many families, Dr. Amatuzio writes about the fear of not figuring it out, of not knowing what actually happened and being faced with how to deal with the worry of not getting it right. Now how many of us have felt that same thing? She writes, “Investigations have taught me the value of making observations, not judgments. There’s a difference. The first allows for infinite possibilities; the latter closes the door to all but a handful of conclusions.” I've talked about the need for observation before.

Think Like Einstein Dr. Amatuzio searches for ways to answer the questions “Who are we?” and “What happens (after death)?” as she practices forensic pathology. She reminds us of something Einstein wrote, “Thoughts influence the body.” Wow! She further dares us to think like Einstein. This is a wonderful reminder to consider that you are the reason you are where you are. It doesn’t matter who you want to blame, it all comes down to how you choose to think and perceive.

Awareness Is Key Remembering and recognition are at the core of Dr. Amatuzio’s stories. It is in the remembering of the story that the changes take place for her and those telling of their experiences. She says, “Recognition triggers awareness; awareness causes perception, the foundation of intuition. Our perceptions influence thoughts, words, and actions – in other words, our conscious behavior.”

Pretty powerful stuff coming from a scientist who readily admits that she can’t prove any of this but refers us to the sources of quantum physicists and cell biologists in attempting to explain. And again reminds us that Einstein’s famous equation E=mc² is talking about mass changing form and becoming energy.

Well folks, we are mass and so we can change form and become energy. That is what the Death experience is, mass changing into energy or energy=mass x the speed of light squared. That is an unspeakable amount of energy.

So I have to wonder, is that what happens when we make a much smaller personal transformation? Just thought you might want to ponder that. And in the mean time take a whirl out on the web and search on Amatuzio to find out more about her. The search box is to your left.

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