Fast Linking - Stonehenge, Tarot Mysteries & Creating Your Future

FAST LINKING for summer

Build Your Own Circle of Power
One of my resources dropped this goody in my inbox and I thought it was great fun. Build Your Own Stonehengelooks like a nerdy, spiritual quest kind of toy - the kind of toy that requires a great stretch of imagination. Works for me!

A Tarot Card Mystery or Two
Another one of my library trips had me drawn to High Priestess - A Tarot Card Mystery the second book in a series written by David Skibbins. This is a series that would appeal to both the male and female mind, good common ground reading. The books feature a central character that is male and running from his history with the law during the Vietnam era, which means he is now underground and often on the fly . He reads tarot cards to make ends meet and the mysteries he gets involved in have to do with tarot readings. Very smart writing and interwoven with tarot and its intricate nature.

A fun series to read particularly for someone interested in the cards, Skibbins third book The Star - A Tarot Card Mysterywas released in February of this year.

Planning Your Future - Use the Solstice to Your Advantage
A reminder to everyone that we are in the deepest energy of Summer Solstice. This is a perfect time to state your intentions for the future and particularly for the rest of the year. Layer your statements by writing down your long term goals, mid-term goals, and short-term goals. You can develop a fourth layer which is immediate goals, short-term being the next 3 to 12 months. Allow them to build and relate back and forth to get the most bang out of this point of power. See your life as a web of sorts and your choices as the twists and turns in the web.

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