Chariots, Scooters, Automobiles, Personal Boundaries – Free Weekly Horoscopes

June 2 - July 1

If you are having trouble keeping certain types of individuals out of your space, certain types of information and energies away from you and your home, then the Chariot card is your card of the week, well, month actually. We have entered the sign of Cancer and the crab like tendency to grab and hang on to anything that moves and is appealing is now officially active for all of us. But so are the comforts of home, deep levels of creativity and personal safety issues.

Signs & Symbols of the Chariot
Each of the traditional tarot cards have all sorts of signs, symbols, areas of the body and other esoteric information associated with them. The Chariot card is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer, the crab. Take a close look at the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck and you will notice that the Charioteers breastplate/armor is drawn like the shape and texture of a crab’s underbelly. The Chariot is a protective spiritual device.

The Chariot also makes reference to anything we use as transportation – scooters, cars, buses and our own bodies. When reading on a very mundane level, an everyday put one foot in front of the other what’s going to happen when I cross the street kind of reading, this card pops up as car trouble, car repairs, let’s buy an new card, etc. depending on its surrounding cards. It also symbolizes the emotional body.

Are You Working For Or Against Yourself?
On a more spiritual level, the Chariot is a reference to your body (which is your spiritual home or sacred temple), to your emotional and psychic boundaries and your personal space. Make note over the next month, while we are swimming around in the sign of Cancer, of your ability to control the life of your emotions and the direction of your thoughts. Where are your boundaries and are they working for you or against you?

Notice the Charioteer holds no reins and his unconventional drivers are perfectly comfortable with this and act in a right manner. We sometimes drag a boundary with us that was useful when we were young but is no longer helpful. Or we are shown no boundaries when in order to become a fully functioning adult we need a boundary or two.

How To Use The Chariot Card
How do these ideas work in your own story? The charioteer is at home in his/her own skin. His/her ability to discern what works well is intact and functioning at a high level. Can you say the same?

When you are confronted with what you perceive as a personal invasion from others, meditate or gaze upon the Chariot card for more insight.

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