Sharpen Your Abundance Skills

Here are a few tips and tricks to develop some of the skills you need for manifesting abundance:

1. Use affirmations in a wise and smart manner.

Creating an affirmation doesn’t sound too difficult to do but using words to support abundance can be misleading. Affirmations shouldn’t be paragraphs of information and they shouldn’t require you to stretch your imagination too far to make them so. You should be creating a path of ownership.

Here’s an example: “I have a brand new car” is not as powerful as “Look at my brand new red car.” One states the existence of the car far better than the other.

Here’s another one: “I have the perfect home” is not as powerful as “Look at the pictures of our new home!”

2. See it. Hear it. Taste it. Smell it. Touch it. Know it.

Using our previous example, when you say to yourself “Look at my brand new red car” see the car in your minds eye. See the brand, the make, the details, the perfect color red…see everything about it. Is it parked in your drive way or are you traveling in it and if so where are you going? The image in your mind is key to manifesting so practice visualizing and spend a few minutes every night before falling asleep creating the image in your mind.

3. Repetition is key. Repetition is key. Repetition is key.

Repeat an affirmation until you are completely convinced that you have what you want. It’s about ownership and the more you can reinforce your visuals the better. Using the affirmation and the visual image is an important weapon in fighting thinking that can take you down an opposing path. So use it when an opposing thought pops into your head.

Example: You are driving home in traffic, really snarly, bad traffic and you are getting yourself so worked up and frustrated that your thoughts are careening out of control and toward the desire to scream, yell and strangle someone. STOP! Shift your weight in your seat, smile and start seeing that brand new home you are now living in. See how peaceful and wonderful it is to hang out there, “Look at the pictures of our new home!” Makes heading home a much more productive trip, don’t you think?

As you develop your visualization and word skills you will notice shifts in your ability to obtain what you want. If you don’t see results right away, keep at it. Most people give up far too soon and some even accomplish one desire but not the second or third and think they have failed. Not so. It may just take a reassessment and new words to get it moving in the right direction.

If you have been working with an affirmation that does not seem to be working for you, send it to me through the comments and I will rewrite it for you here.

I direct good luck toward your personal goals and hope that you benefit from this information.


Anonymous said...

Because of your Web Site and the MOST HELPFUL information that you share on it I have stepped through a personal doorway that i have been struggling with for many years. I am interestingly drawn to YOUR site. I am 55 years old and have searched this life for meaning and truth, i feel helped and guided with a positive energy. I have embarked on a new lifes direction.

I Thank You for all your sharing and caring.

Melissa said...

Thank you Mary for your kind words. My intent is to assist and it is always nice to know when I have accomplished that.

I will respond to your affirmation here as you sent it in a separate comment.

Your affirmation is interesting in that it covers the spiritual, the mental, the physical and the emotional(the car is a symbol of the emotional body.) Most people focus on one, maybe two planes but you have chosen all four. This is very good as it is forming a complete square, which is a building block for foundation. I have rewritten the affirmation for you but you must also take action and continue to move forward. Don't attempt to analyze too deeply how you need to go about achieving the end result. Continue to live your life putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t stop what you are doing but make adjustments as you need to. Don’t put a time frame on this as I think you already know it all comes to us when everything lines up. Here it is.

"Viewing the river and living with nature keeps me balanced and healthy and safely driving out into the world when I need to."

Now take ownership and build the images and see yourself sitting in front of that cottage and moving around inside the cottage and walking along that river and communing with nature. Locate pictures and sounds that will reinforce this.

Keep yourself open to new ideas and change.

Best wishes.

Melissa said...

And in response to what kind of chocolate do i like - I am rather partial to the triple chocolate cake but the mucho grande mocha latte works too! Depends on what you feel you received.

And thanks for making me smile.