Change Is A Good Thing - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

August 20 - August 26

Friend or Foe
Change is good. New shoes, groceries and gas for the car are good too. Watching a Netflix movie is good. Keeping the bathroom and the kitchen clean is good too. Did I mention that change is good? Finding a new place for Saturday lunch is good. Getting a pay increase is even better. Receiving a pay cut may mean it is time to change jobs and change our thinking and make things better for ourselves. So why do we think change is bad? Why does everyone have such a problem with change?

Do we think we need to gain something in order for change to be good? Do we fear death and so any change that occurs is an indication that death is imminent, that things might not be as they appear? Do we perceive that no gain for us means change is detrimental in some way? Maybe change just means we haven’t been paying attention, like a friendly reminder that life works in cycles.

I don’t have any answers this week, just questions about why change is such a block for us. And this thought: Change is only bad if you think of it that way, even in the worst of circumstances.

I’ve spent the last week in training mode, learning new things about my job and discovering my connections to a whole new generation of people and new friends. I’ve had several readings for others that stumped me and accusations that astounded me. All of it has got me thinking a lot about change. Oh yes, and it probably has something to do with studying in depth a card that often causes people to shudder when it shows up in a reading.

Making New Images
Change/Transformation requires our self-conscious to adjust and/or make new images and image making is a strange bedfellow. It does not begin with seeing with the eyes so much as with seeing internally. It is fed by sound, smell, taste, touch and knowing. Then it is fed by actual sight, if you are blessed with that gift. It has more to do with needs and feelings and desire than it has with objects and money and power. Image making has everything to do with change because in order to achieve those images we must be willing to aggressively make and accept change in our lives.

So if you don’t like change you can give me yours. I like quarters and half-dollars the best.

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