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August 27 - September 2

Is it okay to let it simmer a while longer before you respond? The answer is YES.

Sometimes you must respond immediately, the situation requires it and your need to keep on living may require it too. But often there are situations that require a bit more time to sort out.

Case in Point
A man walked passed me at the market several weeks back. He got 3 steps past my table, whirled around and said “I thought this was a grower’s market, not a carnival!” He proceeded to accuse me of being a fake and hurled a few more accusations at me and stomped off. I continued to sip my morning coffee and ponder what had just occurred. What do you do with that kind of misguided information? I decided to let the market manager know and to let it go but something about the guy just lingered. Should I confront him? It didn’t seem like a great idea and not one that would have accomplished a thing. I closed my eyes for a moment and cleared my space and my cards and made sure his tirade was dispersed and returned to a neutral form and went on with my day but it seemed his energy was lingering in the market and irritating everyone else.

What To Do With Craziness
The craziness he carried affected the market for several weeks and for the first time I found myself not enjoying what I was doing. I had a string of readings that challenged my beliefs about what I was doing — I tossed these feelings aside and kept reading. I wasn’t about to let anyone affect me with ill-informed thinking. But the wacky energy continued to linger and I began to believe I needed to stir things up to shift it into a better place. Still I waited and I am glad I did.

The Truth Comes Out
Come to find out he was a grower that had shown up late and had not bothered to show up at all until 10 weeks into a 16 week market. In the proceeding two weeks after finally showing up, he insulted the market management, abused several of the other growers by trying to steal their booth space and was terribly rude to potential customers of his. His energy affected everyone there on a very subtle level and showed up in varying levels of dissatisfaction and exhaustion. It turns out I wasn’t the only one dealing with this. As of last weekend, he is no longer a grower at our market. And as a result the energy lifted and we had a wonderful market this weekend.

Simmering Craziness, Batman!
How is it that people can drop their dirty laundry on others and wreak havoc like this guy did, even on someone who knows better? This was a perfect example of the fact that it doesn’t matter the premise you are working from, if you carry it around, give it force by images and constant thinking and project it at others, it can affect everyone. This guys hatred and misinformation was affecting us, the market, as a whole.

By not acting initially and allowing the situation to simmer a bit, the “issue” was resolved and Justice spoke clearly. The situation allowed me to get very clear about who I was and why I was there reading at the market. And so I must thank that nasty little man for making me even more grounded in my beliefs.

Justice Speaks
The Justice card will shine light on what works and what doesn’t work and will highlight what needs to be removed (without our interference of course). The body has it’s own sort of Justice and our legal system is actually an attempt to replicate eternal Justice or what I refer to as a natural Justice.

I know sometimes it feels like there is no Justice but those are the times you must work on self and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

Enjoy your week and celebrate the ability to reason and then equillibrate!

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