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September 3 - September 9

Tools For Creating Your Life
Forgive me Doug if I don’t get the words exactly as you spoke them, I believe it was “How I respond is exactly what I will manifest.” Your words reminded me that each of us must translate the idea of creating the life we desire into our own understanding. This includes listening to ourselves and understanding that we are only in control of how we choose to respond. We cannot control how others respond or react.

Write Your Own Script
Spending time putting inspiring ideas and concepts into our own words is essential to creating our own beliefs and opinions. This accomplishes several things:

1.We become creators and not blind followers.
2.We become more active participants in life.
3.We begin to develop our own belief system and world-view.
4.We challenge the mind to stretch and understand others.

Creating the life you desire requires you to understand what you have built to this point and how you went about it. In beginning this challenge there is a dismantling process that often has a long and wide learning curve. There is a lot of time spent listening and analyzing and questioning, years for most of us.

3 Essential Tools
In addition to listening more closely, there are a few other tools that will come in handy if you choose to follow this path.

1.Keep a dictionary close at hand. You may think you know the definition of a word but you might be surprised to know it has multiple meanings. Dictionaries can also assist you in finding the right words to use when replacing old, worn out or destructive words.

2.Creating a dream state “to do” list before drifting off to sleep will give your dream states some structure. I can’t guarantee the minds willingness to go along with this idea in a way that makes sense to you in a waking state. I can tell you that I use this practice often and have had some great personal breakthroughs. I usually do this when I am being “hit” from several different directions to make decisions or I am stumped as to my own behavior. I make a list of what I want to understand or have an answer to and I do this right before I fall asleep. I usually will make an entry in a diary or sometimes I will write it on a blank note card and slip it under my pillow. Sometimes the answers come plain and clear as I wake up and sometimes they take days to develop. This is something you cannot rush or make respond. You must develop patience in order to work with this.

3.Doodling helps the brain and the mind rewire itself. I use the term “rewire” loosely here as I really don’t know how this works, I just know that it does. Grab a pen or pencil or whatever you like to write with and a blank sheet of paper, an envelope, a sticky note, a napkin, or invest in a sketch tablet from the hobby or art store. Invest in some good colored pencils, felt tip pens, rolling writers or what ever floats your boat. Spend time during the day or evening, whenever the mood strikes and doodle – draw circles, squares, triangles, whatever patterns come to you. I tend to put a date on mine, although I’m not sure why except that it gives me some sense of time frame when I look back over them. Doodling does not require any type of art skills, in fact, art skills has nothing to do with this practice. Almost everyone has done this type of thing at some time or another, usually while we are on the phone or when we are not able to or unwilling to follow a public speaker or school lecture. It has the ability to relax the mind and give it a rest from the left side of the brain. Very important to give the body and spirit a rest from the constant analyzing and berating the left side of the brain has a tendency toward.

Remember this is a process that unfolds like a peacock can unfold its feathers slowly and deliberately. Here’s a doodle for inspiration.

Create your own opportunities!

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