Here Comes Autumn - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

September 10 - September 16

Fall is in the air here in New Mexico and I am planning my fall weekends as I write this. My notes about doodling from last week’s entry have me thinking about painting again. I think the weather and the mood will strike soon to support this. Look for my work here as I will post a link to it and offer some of it for purchase through eBay and possibly other listing sites. Angels seem to be the theme as well as more contemporary versions of the mandala’s.

Fall Equinox is September 23rd. The cycles of life begin to turn toward the favor of the night and its ability to nurture and birth. Keep this in mind as you think toward the future of the next 3 to 4 months. As of the Fall Equinox, we are sliding into Winter Solstice.

At some point after Fall Equinox I will begin working on the horoscopes for 2008. 2008, already? Yes and I’m as stunned as you are that 2008 is fast approaching. Didn’t we just celebrate 2000?

FYI: I’m seeing incredible results with my clients that are combining tarot and forms of shamanism that use the technique of soul retrieval. I have studied this healing technique although I do not use it on my clients. If you are finding it impossible to stitch your life together, search for a local shaman trained in soul retrieval. They are able to assist you in gathering up the fragments and putting the pieces back together. My client’s find they are feeling much more stable and focused through this type of work plus they are able to let go of the unnecessary information they once clung to. Their ability to meditate and listen to their internal life is so much easier to accomplish. Please make sure you find someone established with a commitment to the community and deep connection in this type of work.

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