The Devil Made Me Do It - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

September 17 - September 23

The coming season has shifted me into high gear in areas I never would have dreamed of going. At the same time I continue to study the tarot from angles I have never attempted before. I am presently working with The Devil card, which speaks of the idea of separation and our bondage to the belief that there are 2 worlds—spiritual and physical. Hence, our nasty looking friend The Devil was created to symbolize this separation (Hint: We do not live in 2 worlds. We live in one. The physical is the spiritual.)

The week of Autumn Equinox I will begin working with The Tower card, which signifies change. I am sure I will have some incredible awakenings during this time period and I am looking forward to it. Gotta love change!

Suffice it to say my mind and life are very full right now. I am making leaps in understanding and am visiting new levels of consciousness daily. At the same time my summer public reading season is coming to a close. I will let you know where you can find me during the fall and winter months as soon as I know.

…a few more words about my experiences with The Devil card. I have understood the concept of 1 world for quite sometime. I intellectually know and accept this fully, however, I am learning that is not enough. I am shocked, amazed and startled with how much I block the actual experience of this idea of 1 world. It is not a conscious blocking. Instead it has much to do with childhood socialization and conditioning and even more to do with daily cultural demands and structure. It is difficult at best to accept the idea of our physical existence as being completely and wholly a spiritual existence when all around us are examples of people who believe otherwise.

Further experiences are leading me to understand that those who are perceived as evil and/or commit evil acts upon others fall into 2 categories. They are either perceived as such because the person(s) perceiving them/accusing them is a believer in two worlds OR they themselves believe there are two worlds or desire 2 worlds for their own evil purposes. Here I am going to quote the philosopher John R. Searle who says “the very cause of all evil is the desire for a separate existence.” I will further that statement by adding that this “separate existence” is what much of our western society and culture is based on. Not only that but many Eastern ideas are based on denying the body which is a belief in a “separate existence.” I know if you tumble this idea around in your head for a while you are going to have many questions. I did, I do and I will continue to have questions about this.

For me the idea of “free will” has to do with the ability to say “yes, I believe this is one world” or “no, I believe there are two separate worlds.” Or as I have told my clients in the past, free will simply means we have the ability to say “yes, I will listen” or “no, I won’t listen.” Listening takes persistence, self-analysis and awareness, acceptance and the ability to allow others their path even if it makes no sense to you. All of this makes the defensive response that "the devil made me do it" take on a whole new meaning.

Do I think there is evil in the world? Absolutely! How we handle evil events and acts among us is something I am not sure how to address. I have no answers, just questions.

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