Give Up? Are You Kidding? - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

Juy 2 - July 8

Lots of strong feelings this week cause many of us to want to throw in the towel. Don’t. Don’t hand over your power to someone else just to placate the invaders. Do, however, measure carefully what you want to gain and what needs to drop away. Walk into any fray knowing what you want to gain from it. Formulate a direction before so that you have a foundation to act from. If you walk in with greed on the brain then you are missing the point.

It is those of use that have no foundation or a faulty foundation (premise can be substituted for the word foundation) that get knocked to the bottom. Giving yourself a point to work from means having a way to make clear and advantageous decisions – it gives you a place to refer the decisions to and the ability to ask, “Does it serve my purpose?” before saying yea or nay. The universe has an uncanny ability to match your needs to the right opportunity. Know this and live it.

Living is not a competition but if you choose to live your life in a competitive manner then someone wins and someone loses. Believing this is truth puts you into cycles of worry, concern, judging, and waves of superiority and inferiority. When did any of that get us where we need to go?

Education is the key.

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