Fast Linking - Angels, Paul Simon, & Habits of Speech

Great and rare interview with Paul Simon on Charlie Rose last week. Simon is the first recipient of the Library of Congress's annual Gershwin Prize for Popular Song award. I was particularly drawn to the second half of the interview when Simon spoke of "getting plugged into the big force" and being grateful for the moments of connectedness. He also talks about his approach to creativity and the cycles he works within.

A search on "habits of speech" resulted in an article on Language: The Key that Opens or Closes that Important Door. The article outlines habits of speech that serve "to deflect the power or clarity of our communication." Worth reading if you are working with changing your thinking and working toward manifesting through thought. Speech patterns refelct thinking.

The search also helped me find this link about morphogenetic fields. I was intrigued by the final paragraph that stated "Accepting the idea of morphogenetic fields also opens the door to the scientific investigation of the idea that consciousness and mental processes can function without physical support. This would allow the existence of non- physical beings (gods, angels, life after death, etc.) - a subject of prime interest to most religious and spiritual traditions." I believe this paragraph is attributed to astrophysicist and founder of the Context Institute, Robert Gilman.

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