At A Standstill? Blocked By The Boss? - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

April 9 - April 15

The cards speak this week to an inordinate amount of feelings of being blinded or blocked in movement. Gauntlets and fine lines abound to be walked, danced, and rolled across. Here’s how I deal with situations like these.

Whether you are blocked or blinded you are generally feeling unable to move forward or in any direction you may think you need to go. Granted, someone may have decided they don’t want you to achieve movement and actually blocked you or it could be due to your own devices that you find yourself in a stand still. Truly it doesn’t matter which it is and here is why. Finding yourself at a standstill is an opportunity to stop and take a look around. (Warning: This may not work for race car drivers or anyone in the process of moving very fast. But you knew that, right?) Really, look around you, re-examine your situation and reformulate if you find you need to. If someone is blocking you then the ability to look around you can be used to your advantage – they actually have put you in the drivers seat. These are opportunities to regroup and get stronger if you choose to perceive them that way. Then again, maybe it’s all in your head. Perception is based on your own experiences and beliefs. Change those or re-arrange them and perceptions change.

All in all it’s a week of lists, traffic and delays. Find something to distract you or give yourself more downtime than usual. Keep your thoughts looking forward!


mari said...

Will you be writing about each of the cards at any point? I really want to understand them better and books are cumbersome to deal with. I want to see something in motion so I can understand better.

Melissa said...

Hi Mari - Yes, I have already begun to address the cards more closely. I am also putting lessons together as I write this and am looking at an interactive alternative, probably video lessons. It all takes time and I wear quite a few hats so bear with me. I'm glad you are here and learning.