The Secret Is A Little On The Light Side - Surprised?

Hey all. I read The Secret over the weekend but wasn't impressed. The information was valid but it all seemed pretty slick and commercial and one of those books you read just because its made a big splash - it was a curiousity read for me. I found it to be lacking in key points.

The information in the book is entirely true from my experience but weak on supporting the actual process and a little too slick and marketable - I mean this from the standpoint of a coffee table book or a series of MacDonald's movie toys. Taking real action to change your thought patterns and harness emotion to "charge" those actions are extremely important aspects to working with the Law of Attraction. The book seemed stuck on the affirmation aspect of the process and frankly that plays a small role. You use it to help clear the muck of negative thinking and to keep yourself on track, more of a reminder than anything but it is not the guts of the process.

The Law is available to all but you need to know how to use it. You do need persistence, the desire to make changes and to know who you are, the ability to slow down and listen to your thoughts, and the willingness to accept what doesn't fit preconceived notions. This process can turn your world upside down. Digging around in your mind and emotions must be done with self acceptance and the knowing that your world will change in ways that may surprise you. It is definitely not for anyone looking for a quick fix. And that is what the marketing of The Secret seems to advocate - a quick fix and fast response if you need money. This is a lifestyle change and requires a shifting in consciousness.

Oddly, there is one line in the book, tucked away in a later chapter, that encourages the reader to "Let go of the past, cultural codes and social beliefs." This call for change is weak at best and a mind blower that it even shows up. I am waiting for the conservative right to ban this book because of this statement. Let me know if you spot this happening.

Read this one at the bookstore or check it out from the library if it ever ends up there. Ignore the website. If you are new to these concepts test the waters and start small with attracting what you want and remember action is the vital ingredient as is getting a clear picture of what you want. You must take steps to move toward the goal you have in your mind's eye and step out of the comfortable spot you are in. Yes, you will fall down, just laugh at yourself and get back up and begin again. Experiment with what works for you in changing your thoughts - it will be different for everyone.

All the Law of Attraction says is that you attract what you are (what you think and focus on). If you don't like what's going on in your life you can change it.

Live well and remember, you have all the answers you need within you. All you have to do is ask for them to reveal themselves.

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