Major Shifts Ahead! - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

April 2 - April 8

A preponderance of the Major Arcana is always a reason to take a second look at any reading of the tarot cards. This weeks horoscopes are full of Major Arcana, my jaw continues to drop as I look at what turned up. What’s the big deal you might be asking? The Major Arcana are concept cards. In general, they identify levels of consciousness, universal laws, and the general outcome of events when law and consciousness are linked. Depending on where one pops up in a reading, the indication is ususally of deeply rooted ideas being tugged on by the internal workings of the person being read. This can mean major changes in attitude, lifestyle, or behaviors. It does not mean, however, that changes are immediately obvious.

My general advice is to keep your eyes open and pay attention to how you are feeling. Check in with your feelings at least several times a day. More often is better. Personal experience has taught me that when my feelings rise and stay at elevated levels for long periods of time, something is a foot internally and I need to pay attention. Habits die hard and are not happy to be asked to leave. In fact, they will continue to come knocking until you are completely resolved against them. Look for ways to change your patterns of thinking and allow the information rising upward and outward to inform you. There is nothing to fear here except the loss of something you don’t need any longer.

The Secret was on my reading list this weekend and I am happy to say that I was successful in knocking that one off my list. I am still mulling over my response to it and will put fingers to the keyboard in the next day or so. I will post and ping when my response is ready. Keep a look out for a mid-week blog entry. In the mean time, Enjoy the week ahead and fill me in when you can.

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