Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
March 22 - March 28, 2010

Aries (Mars) – Feeling a little out of control? If you are focused upon winning a losing battle then you would think you would be feeling more in control, not so. No one ever really wins anything, period, no way, no how. Chariot reversed

Taurus (Venus) – So much transformation, so little time. A basket load of change is occurring right under your feet. The only way to manage this huge effort on your part is to stay in touch with what is going on internally. Watch the breath, follow it. 9 of Wands reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – Wow, triumph, release from old thought patterns and it feels like no effort has been made to accomplish this. Remember, you are in charge of the reality you create...becoming aware of your thought patterns needs to continue. Don't stop now. 2 of Wands

Cancer (Moon) – It is time to investigate the illusion that you use to base all your decisions upon. Move on and away from a present situation--the power and force necessary to move away is available now. Listen for inner guidance by meditating everyday for 10 minutes. Ace of Cups

Leo (Sun) – The wheels are turning...a discerning moment from months back is finally resulting in a release from a particularly unpleasant situation. Finally the energy shifts and the path you wanted to attract in the first place begins to unfold. Hanged Man

Virgo (Mercury) – You feel ready to let go of a personal safety issue and you truly believe that you have done so. Make sure that you are not dragging an illusion along with you. Examine your motives and patterns and work through this one again. 8 of Cups reversed

Libra (Venus) – A decision is needing to be made about a new partnership. No great revelations here, just the need to decide and take action. Success is in the offing and the possibility of moving to a new location comes to the surface. 2 of Swords

Scorpio (Pluto) – It may feel like a barren waste land to you but, in truth, you are building something. The foundation always looks blank and unexciting—you are the one to decide how to fill it in. Make sure you double check everything before moving on. 3 of Wands

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Slow down and plan a celebration. Spend some time with friends and review common ground. A minor transformation of the mind is under way. Its completion is dependent upon your ability to meditate and listen. 4 of Swords

Capricorn (Saturn) – In some ways the world feels like a fresh, new adventure. In other ways, the world feels slow and sad and out of sorts with you and your desires. You have an opportunity to start a new life, how will you approach this? 2 of Wands

Aquarius (Uranus) – Everything in its place and a place for everything, or so you have been lead to believe. Sometimes things fluctuate and touch no ground, floating, as it were. You aren't seeing the full picture yet. Give it time. Hierophant

Pisces (Neptune) – Getting home settled and everything in place appears to be the goal this week. Charge in with the thought of assisting and not the thought of taking control and things will work more smoothly. Transform the home into a healing space. Knight of Wands

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