No More Death; Engaging Other Realms; Helicopters in Egypt; Powerful Information About Egypt

One of my favorite blog posts--Fastlinks--is being resurrected.

Every week I search beyond the typical news sites for fresh and exciting products and information so you don't have to.

Inside a fastlinks blog post, direct access is provided that takes you right to the front door of these topics so you can investigate them, up close.

Here are this weeks fastlinks:

New scientific theory says Death Is A Myth! What Do You Think?

What if we could call in other realms. other realities and poeple from those other realities to helpus live our lives better, to become more than the flesh and blood so many of us beleive we are? Dr. Laurie Ann Levin has written a book called "God, the Universe, and Where I Fit In" that explores this idea.

Helicopters in Ancient Egypt??? Here are some incredible photographs. Look closely and tell me what YOU see.

"The Pyramid Code", a 5 part series on the Documentary Channel, reveals powerful information pertaining to the true purpose of the pyramids. The DVD series explores superior technology possessed by the Egyptians that has been ignored or hidden, a new way of interpreting hieroglyphics and reveals a new chronology to Egyptian history. Mainstream agencies never talk about what is revealed here.

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