Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
March 29 - April 4, 2010

Aries (Mars) – I know you hate arguments but at the same time you actually feed them, were you aware of this? Something has got you bugged and acting on it will bring on a storm of protest and confusion—all because you don't have the confidence to go out on your own. 9 of Swords

Taurus (Venus) – The journey is far more successful than you had ever hoped it would be. You have spent your last pockets of energy making this happen. Stop for a while and replenish the coffers. Rebuild your internal force and some semblance of sanity. 6 of Swords

Gemini (Mercury) – Time to move on from an emotional male energy. He is incapable of giving you what you want, especially the respect and daily joyful responses required. A decision and its success result from past discernment. King of Cups

Cancer (Moon) – It's not that you aren't working hard enough but you are working in the ignorance of illusion. What you think you are attempting to accomplish is not truly the goal. An opportunity arises to rewrite the situation, take it. 5 of Swords reversed

Leo (Sun) – Motion, force and movement in a recognizable direction are underlying themes this week. Let go and enjoy the ride or else freak out and be emotionally distraught for a few days—the choice is yours. Either way the opportunity to reform and reassess is available. 9 of Cups reversed

Virgo (Mercury) – Think about it, meditate on it, before you accept this next seemingly favorable choice for a project and income. There is something about this that is not quite right for you. Force is available to shift you into new places if you choose to see it. 10 of Wands reversed

Libra (Venus) – A journey taken this week allows you to sit back and watch, assist in some moments and meditate in others. A release is under way that allows you to help further, in big ways that will affect huge numbers of people. Enjoy this revelation. 8 of Swords reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – Charging in may not be the right answer but it is what you do. You would serve the whole of humanity better if you were to take a look inside YOU and stop looking at others for your answers. The internal fighting would stop if you were to take this step. Knight of Swords

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – You like having options but it is time to hone them down and choose one to focus on. Don't worry, you will enjoy the negotiating aspect of this just as much as juggling the ideas. In fact, you will begin to see results almost immediately. 7 of Wealth

Capricorn (Saturn) – A bit of confusion starts the week off—the fact is you are inventing problems that just don't exist. Drop them immediately or they will solidify and become real enough to threaten your general safety and nest. Consider that this is a pattern. How will you change the pattern? 10 of Wands

Aquarius (Uranus) – The idea you planted in the ground at Spring Equinox is beginning to move on its own. A balancing act between assisting and allowing needs to occur. What will this look like and how will you interact with it? Success is in the offing. Ace of Swords reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – You happily step off into the unknown. Confusion arises when someone steals from you and you have no way to respond. If you are still able to move around and can feed yourself, there really is not a problem, is there? Hierophant reversed

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