Is Being Right, Wrong?

If we gave up the need to be right, completely erased it from our list of typical responses, what would we think about all day? How would we respond and what would we talk about with each other?

Personal Dilemma

I find myself dealing with an uncomfortable situation with a neighbor, and not just any neighbor but one with whom I share a wall, a hallway and an entry into the building. Learning to listen and not becoming involved with an exchange of words is a constant awareness and an enlightening experience.

I am not sure where the situation will end, which is confusing to me, but at the same time I am learning about myself. I really don't have to be right all the time to be happy, just right with myself.

Stretch Your Consciousness

Here is the challenge I extend to all of you: Stop yourself every time you feel the need to be right.

In order to succeed at this challenge, there are a few steps you must take:

1. First you must begin to listen to yourself speak, what are you really saying?
2. Identify the feelings going on in your gut. What motivates you to respond in the first place?
3. Learn to not respond at all until you know why you are responding.
4. Let go of being right. Just let it go and think of something else.

Let me know how you are moving through this challenge.

Best Wishes,

The Tarot Goddess

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