Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
April 11 - April 17, 2010

Aries (Mars) Ever investigated what happens to the Earth's crust during an earthquake? Consider doing so this week - it will assist you in understanding the events unfolding in your life. Look at recent occurrences in slow motion and speeded up for the full spectrum of information.

Taurus (Venus) Keep track of time frame from the point you are inspired by an idea until it shows signs of establishing itself in the physical. Decide what event or series of events will clue you in to its arrival.

Gemini (Mercury) Piece by piece the picture is being assembled. You cannot take everyone with you, so be clear about that as you move through your "plan". Smile a lot but don't say much when in groups of people or even with individual's--you should still be in guard mode. Write down what is most important to you and refer to it often.

Cancer (Moon) Prepare for a swim as the Spring season builds. This particular entry into the water will be different from all the previous ones. Mentally preparing will be more important than ever--marry the mental with the intuitive for best results.

Leo (Sun) "Your" season is closely approaching. Don't be surprised if you find yourself collecting objects and clothing of gold - use them to pave the way to realizing the riches you deserve. However, keep spending in check and begin planning how you will use the "riches" arriving shortly.

Virgo (Mercury) See your name typed in bold and underlined when visualizing the future. Read everything thoroughly before signing and make sure you request a percentage of the gross profits and not the net profits. Just one successful deal can set you up for a comfortable future.

Libra (Venus) Balance is so important to you that often you sacrifice success for it. Your definition of "balance" is getting in your way. Rethink what your definitions of balance and success are -- study others, read and meditate on this before proceeding.

Scorpio (Pluto) The mind should be held accountable for no more than one idea at a time. Decide each morning what you choose to focus on for the next 24 waking hours and stick to it. Choosing a single desire will provide more force behind it and the results will WOW! you.

Sagittarius (Jupiter) Don't make any more excuses for the mess just keep building. Factor in cleanup time toward the end of the venture. Review your plan every morning and adjust it for the next every evening and you will catch any little flaw that may rise up.

Capricorn (Saturn) An event appears to be out of your control taking everything and everyone with it. Re-examine the event and know that ultimately you do have control if you catch the movement and direction in time -- this requires paying attention.

Aquarius (Uranus) "Fresh" is your word for the week. Marry the word "fresh" with the concepts of "innovation" and "out of the box" and take an into a 180 degree turn if need be or just adapt the thinking and add some force to the way you are approaching life.

Pisces (Neptune) "Silence" should be at the top of the list for most important moments in a day -- "listen" follows closely to "silence". You are now on the brink to understanding the value of silence in way that will startle even a Pisces. Examine every aspect of this moment before applying it.

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