Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
March 15 - March 21, 2010

Aries (Mars) – This new found understanding about how to value money allows you to apply a few new lessons this week. Money is just a symbol and not the source of power. Keep this in mind and value self as you choose to spend or not. 2 of Wealth

Taurus (Venus) – Emotions run between extremes this week. You are letting go of a series of thoughts (beliefs by this point) that need to go. Of course, they will fight the dissolution process. Think of something that makes you happy and replace your thought with that. Page of Swords reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – You have complete control over your life and you instinctively know this. So, only listen to your inner voice and don't buy into negative responses. Replace thoughts that are created in anger with happier ones and practice until you can replace them instantly. Strength

Cancer (Moon) – Your desire for comfort outweighs any other desires you have. A decision needs to be made about where to go with this desire. What kind of comfort are you searching for and why. The answers will come to mind over the next several weeks. 9 of Wealth

Leo (Sun) – Putting illusion in its place, as in transforming it into something far more healthy, is your only job right now (but don't tell your boss just yet). Remember, fear and extreme emotions are a way of signaling a misalignment. Ask for alignment with inner Source. 7 of Cups reversed

Virgo (Mercury) – Deep breath, it's a shift. Remember what you really desire and keep focused on that. Watch how it shifts under your feet without having to manipulate or worry about a thing. The opposite means fighting what you can't see and causing more problems for yourself. 4 of Wealth reversed

Libra (Venus) – Business takes off without you even lifting a finger to push it. The biggest part of the figuring out has been accomplished,now you get to practice using this new information over and over. Your biggest desire now is__________. Emperor

Scorpio (Pluto) – Say goodbye to an overly emotional male. You have shifted your focus and know now that the responses of the past were trying to tell you the path you were taking was not the right one. King of Cups reversed

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Take a moment and remove yourself from the fray, ten minutes a day. Sit n a comfortable chair and watch/follow your breath. Just follow it as it moves in and out of your body. Push the breath in and out with your belly. Set a timer if you need to. Now go play. 4 of Swords

Capricorn (Saturn) – The point of contact has been passed and it is time to put it all in order, literally in order. Straighten, clean refold, rehang, throw away—just reorganize. Start the spring cleaned up and ready for everything. 9 of Wealth reversed

Aquarius (Uranus) – You have finally arrived in your expected destination and now you are subject to the lay of the land. This atmosphere is much slower than what you have been accustomed to. Life has a different quality here, learn to enjoy it. 8 of Swords reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – You have stepped off into la la land. It feels better than where you were before but it won't be your “home” for long. It's just a spot to rest for a moment before the world gives you your next adventure. Fool

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