Free Weekly Horoscopes for January 27 -February 2, 2013

Am I Crazy?, Why Are You Still Hanging On? and Stories About the Elephant in the Room

You might have noticed the world is not what it use to be. It won't ever return to what it once was. So if you have been hanging on to old ideas, it's time to let them go or transform them into something that works NOW.

Mind expansion is the name of the game and 2013 is calling all of us to be who we truly are.

Aries (Mars) – Finally, a decision involving home, family and love is made and the support you have longed for is presented in very clear terms. Now it's time for that trip into the unknown. Lots of joy and celebration to end the first month of 2013. Knight of Cups

Taurus (Venus) – Although there is a flesh and blood antagonist, the struggle is simply an illusion of your mind. In reality, fate has released you from dire circumstances and you need to recognize that or continue to suffer. Use a daily 10 minute meditative practice to clear your mind of chatter. 5 of Coins

Gemini (Mercury) – The name of the game is balance. The focus of the game is to develop some level of depth in your thinking. Alone time can help you identify & alleviate some of the incorrect ideas you are attached to. It's not about what you see, it's about what you feel. 2 of Coins

Cancer (Moon) – While others may be stumbling around, you have latched on to a fast moving stream (person or business) of thought and action. This momentum brings you face to face with a new version of the concept of personal power. Stop long enough to access how to use it properly. 8 of Wands

Leo (Sun) – It almost doesn't matter which direction you choose right now, you will still end up in the same circumstances if you don't act in a conscious manner. A well laid plan has gone awry and the path you thought you were planning has collapsed. Dig as deeply as you can to answer this question - What is it that you want? Emperor

Virgo (Mercury) – An unusual opportunity leads you into a place where new ideas float easily into your mind. Letting go of the past is paramount if you want to move forward. Drop any attachments and run in the new direction. The path is well lighted and people are waiting to welcome you. Ace of Coins

Libra (Venus) – The negotiations and maneuvers are complete and you have successfully walked through the gauntlet. All manner of people, ideas and things will drop away now so that you may proceed forward. Continue to balance the aspects of your daily life and success will continue toward you. 5 of Swords reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – Do not allow yourself to be blind to the truth of who you are. A gift is being handed to you that you may reject without examining. A new avenue may be the answer to your desire for triumph and reward. Feel what it would be like to create an entirely new world for yourself. 4 of Cups

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – You may feel as if the very breath has been taken from you but the truth is you are taking part in a leap of faith. This leap is triggering childhood feelings of confusion and misunderstanding. You must face this and work through it. Pay attention to the stories you are drawn to for clues. 3 of Swords reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – The process of release is not an easy one for a Capricorn. You often feel a need to negotiate with Spirit because you forget you are part of Spirit. A lighthearted approach is called for. Identify the things that make you deeply happy and focus on those to create a bridge for yourself. Ace of Wands reversed

Aquarius (Uranus) – If you take a deep breath and stay grounded, the changes taking place will give you more insight and power than you ever dreamed of. You are being asked to dump all manner of misinformation – the very things you may think you need to operate. This is an opportunity to grow and become a happier person. 2 of Wands reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – The life you have been leading is due for an overhaul. Being alone all the time is not your cup of tea and the sooner you shutdown dead-end relationships the better. You planted a seed of prosperity a longtime ago. Meditation puts you back in touch with that seed and its information. Knight of Coins

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Your insight's are always firm, straightforward and right on the mark. Thank You for all that you contribute to us that are open for the guideance.