Into the Fall of 2012 We Tumble

Any changes that will occur at the end of 2012 will be internal. We may see some external evidence of change, some national upsets, some international chaos. We may even see some really bad weather that keeps everyone inside and disconnected to work and daily life. All of this serves to push us to focus on our personal, internal landscape.

But for now, there is still autumn plunder to be had for everyone. It's still Harvest time!

Aries (Mars) – Do not get lost in the “waste land” of illusion this week. The subconscious houses all images and interpretations and will return to your immediate surroundings anything you tell it to. King of Wealth

Taurus (Venus) – Worry transforms into satisfaction and triumph. Do not be alarmed at the enormity of the process and remember stagnation can sometimes be a point of regaining energy and assigning direction. 9 of Swords

Gemini (Mercury) – Progress is headed in the right direction although outward appearances may not point to that. This is more about learning self control and creating your place in the world than getting it right by others standards. 9 of Cups reversed

Cancer (Moon) – A new idea about how to deal with the outside world and get what you need begins to bubble to the surface. There is a moment of feeling the self-control slip but it is just a moment of redirection. Chariot reversed

Leo (Sun) – Piloting your own “chariot” through life is being tested. Information passes into your hands that needs to be mulled over. Using discernment is high on the list. The shakeup is minor and momentary. Chariot

Virgo (Mercury) – Take a moment and contemplate where you would be in life, what turns you would have taken if you had not chosen certain opportunities. You are in this situation because of personal choices and actions. Hierophant

Libra (Venus) – The transformation taking place lifts you up and forward. Keep that vision—up and forward—in mind as you face the “authority” figure in your psyche this week. It has been doing the “directing” up to this point. Knight of Cups reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – It will not last long, the tide will turn, but past indiscretion does come back to haunt you. Legal issues direct the mind toward “poverty consciousness”, rethink that response and give it the “boot”. Queen of Wands

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Decisions to be made present themselves just as you expected. Hey, wait a minute, how do people know to do exactly what you knew they would? Expectation is getting in your way. 2 of Wands reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – What a mix this week, someone young and endearing offers assistance but with it drags their personal fears and expectations to the “soup” being created. This can be worked out quickly. Knight of Cups

Aquarius (Uranus) – The logistics may appear to be not worth the struggle but this will recede. There is a certain amount of illusion tied to the requests that you have no control over. Negotiating will shift, just wrap your mind around that idea. Page of Wands

Pisces (Neptune) – The party is over and now you can get on with your life, your learning, your true needs. Illusion drops and so does the level of excitement you garner from illusion. Now you get to direct consciously and deliberately. 7 of Wealth

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