Free Weekly Horoscopes for February 4 – February 10, 2013

Failure is a sign of progress, Accepting Transformation is the Only Way to Live and Chiropractors Cannot Fix Backlash

February is really the first month of 2013. It takes about 30 days for the old energy of the previous year to fully dissipate and the New Year's energy to get firmly implanted. So, let's get this party started, shall we?

First lesson, talking about yourself and/or whining is boring. Find something more interesting to talk about, like How DOES Ben & Jerry make all those great ice cream flavors? Then try making some of your own - using a Hello Kitty Dessert Maker.

Aries (Mars) – You are either giving a hand out or accepting one this week. Either way the assistance is greatly appreciated. Take action on a new idea—the wind is at your back and every manner of synchronicity is at your command. BTW, the sneaky person that was stealing has left the building. 6 of Coins

Taurus (Venus) – The apparent loss of an old or long-time female figure in your life may have you feeling sad. In fact, you may feel as if the stronger side of you has diminished somehow. It's time to reclaim that part of you that you attached to this person. The ability to make this leap is strong and your triumph awaits. Queen of Coins

Gemini (Mercury) – You may have utterly failed to gain the ground you needed to succeed. However, a gift is waiting in the wings that will send you over this imaginary hump and into the space you wish to occupy. The ideas you have in mind are completely and absolutely doable. Page of Coins

Cancer (Moon) – Transformation is a tricky thing. Often we believe it's the end of something so great that we can never exist without it. Think, instead, of that great thing dissolving as the soil in which something doubly great can grow. When a person passes they leave behind their special gifts for all of us to use and benefit from and they do it out of love. Knight of Coins

Leo (Sun) – You are feeling so good this week that your energy may broadcast louder and attract more attention than usual. This indicates that the perfect people, ideas and opportunities are headed your way. You may also pickup information about others that you have never received before--don't act on it just watch and see what happens. Judgement

Virgo (Mercury) – Dig back in your memory and look for similarities between people and situations from your past and those you just walked away from. It appears you have resolved something internally-- mull this over to get the full benefit. You really do get to start over this time. High Priestess reversed

Libra (Venus) – Much will be shown to you this week regarding the direction you are headed. On a spiritual level you have reached a goal successfully. However, you are just beginning to identify the things that still feel rootless—give these ideas time to flourish and show you a direction. Temperance

Scorpio (Pluto) – A supportive family life is always a good foundation to have, but sometimes people who are supportive may not be telling you what you really need to know. Consider getting some outside, expert advice about how something really works before you throw in your money. The result could be transformational. 10 of Coins

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – When we are digesting a recent experience or find ourselves in a slump, we can often become unmotivated, less creative and a bit lost. This is an indication that chaos is rearranging into order on a deep level. Honor this moment and know that next week you will flourish. 6 of Cups reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – A decision you made has you gripping your money harder than ever. Why? It is inevitable the boy is going to get his heart broken, it has to happen for him to value life more. Can you show him how to recover and stay in his heart using an example he can relate to—think sports, sci-fi, games. 2 of Wands

Aquarius (Uranus) – Conflict appears to be getting in the way at every turn you make. You must take a stand in your mind about what it is you want and where you want to go. Control the chaos by including this phrase at the end of thoughts about this latest conflict: “but only for the highest good of all concerned”. 5 of Swords

Pisces (Neptune) – A new level of prosperity beckons and a physical move is swirling around you in the upcoming weeks and month. An authority figure moves out of reach and you feel a bit lonely without them to confide in. It's time to choose a place to call home and begin building a family life. Ace of Coins

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