Shifts that Rattle Your Cage, Make New Friends and Why Am I Stuck?
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Finally! Something great to report...Relief in every area of our lives and society from the last Mercury Retrograde. This MR was a tough one for everyone. Its backward movement affected every aspect of our lives pushing us to rethink, rearrange and re-motivate ourselves and our world.


New responses to old issues are possible this week. Watch your emotions, track them closely and compare them to ways you have responded in the past. You may have to back track to watch this process because recognizing emotions takes some practice. Keep at it and it will reward you ten-fold. Home is generally the safest spot for you to address your deepest responses and meander through your thoughts.

The opportunity to create a new mental outlook on life sits in the bedroom and kitchen areas of the home. Feng Shui practitioners will understand this intuitively. This indicates cleaning and rearranging these rooms. Edit out (remove) objects that are unnecessary top the use of each of these rooms. For instance, what is the computer doing in your bedroom? Or that exercise bike that collects dirty clothes? Are you keeping compost or recycled materials like newspapers and cans in the kitchen? They need to be outside and away from entry points. When was the last time you cleaned out your refrigerator or pantry?

I suggest the book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life : How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness for those who do not practice Feng Shui. It is a simple to understand, worry free book about the practice of the placement of objects with intent to keep energy flowing gently through the home.


Is it work or is it a calling? Are you inspired to do your “job” or do you drag your feet. I realize that when an economy is moving through a transition, such as the one the U.S. and the better part of the world is now engaged in, finding a new source of income may seem the wrong way to go. But, in truth, it is the only way to go. Don't quit and then figure it out. Find time this week and the rest of the summer to plan for a shift.

The world has become so much larger and accessible than it was even three to five years ago, that moving into the larger economy is a simple process. That doesn't mean abandoning the local economy at all. It means connecting in a personal way to the local economy and bringing that to the larger stage. Hmmmm. Contemplate that for a moment. What are you drawn to locally that you can bring to the larger economy?

Work needs to become play. How are you playing and what can you do to turn it into a life? Encourage yourself in playful thinking. Skip, jump and hop your way into new daily practices that make work feel like fun. How about a lunch time game of hopscotch with your fellow employee? Ladders and chutes? Tic-tac-toe?

The tarot shows us choosing a path and being triumphant in planting the seeds for growth in a new direction. You are the one in control. What do you want to do?


If we stay focused as a society on the concept of a smooth transition, a new economy will rise on its own accord, the bumps should smooth out and adapting should be easy to accomplish. Tied to this idea of a smooth transition is a rather odd piece of the puzzle. The tarot is showing me an abrupt halt to the old financial system, one that governments will not even reveal to us. We just won't know it has happened for months and then suddenly it will be replaced. I know that sounds ominous and even uneducated but its what I am being shown.

In fact, this process may already be underway or may have been initiated around 2008.

The take-away to this odd combination of smooth transition and abrupt halt is this idea: think about what you want and ignore what you don't want. Stop talking about what you don't want and it will drop away. Focus on what you do want to build it easily. We are all so focused on finances, money, wealth, etc. that we can't get beyond it. Just stop reading the paper, the web or listening to the nightly news report and begin listening to your inner direction. Not the crazy voice, the nagging voice, the scary voice, NO. The inner whelming that comes from passion that directs without speaking.

Find wealth in your being. Simply awaking every morning and smiling at everyone you come across is wealth. Be curious. Expect miracles and they will occur.


Don't dwell on thoughts. Work on redirecting your thoughts.

Choose one thought to track and replace. For instance, replace a thought such as “I can't have that because I don't have the money” to “I love that. Maybe I'll buy it.” Catch yourself every time you make the former statement and then replace it by repeating the new statement after you say the old statement OR if you say it in your head instead of out loud, repeat the new statement after you make the old statement. In fact, practice saying the new statement on purpose.

Try this. When shopping alone or with others, begin making that new statement in your head or to yourself about everything you see that you like then move on.

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