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The shakes and rattles of the last month settle down for us this week, at least enough to regroup and begin forging a new direction. The cards advise removing the emotional aspect and dealing with the facts and facts only. Making decisions when emotions run high can reproduce the exact scenario that provided the roller coaster emotions in the first place.

First, move to higher ground. Whether you are living along the Mississippi river or in the middle of the desert, higher ground is safer ground no matter what.

Second, approach home in a spiritual manner. Home is where we go to be ourselves, to think, to feel safe and to express ourselves fully. Allowing people to invade your space just because you are too polite to prevent them visiting is a problem. When you don;t respect the people coming into your home and/or they don't respect you, the energy serves to plug up your home. This keeps your desires at bay because the energy is not allowed to flow the way “you” need it to.

Make your home a sanctuary. Keep people out of your sacred areas, like your bedroom, for instance. If you are social and love to have people over then create a seating area outside or off a kitchen for that function.

Third, keep it cleaned up. Piles and stacks of belongings and trash that stay put for too long stifle the flow of the home and its occupants.


Maybe its the approaching holiday weekend or the thought of summer but work lightens up a bit, too. However, if you aren't on board with the new direction the company is taking then you need to rethink where you are concerning your job.

Things are going to change in the work arena in a huge way over the next two years. Some business owners are beginning to see the new story unfold for them and are making new plans, reorganizing their organization and rethinking how work needs to occur.

Others, are digging in and trying to maintain the status quo. If you are not happy with your job and your employer is a status quo type company, bail now. Find something else to do, working for someone who appreciates their employees, even if it means working for a local restaurant or taking a pay cut just find something that makes your heart sing.

The tarot shows shifting sands in the area of work. This includes the concept of work. Why does it have to be work? Why can't it be fun? The alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Jupiter this month is bringing change whether we like it or not. Might as well decide what it is you want the change to be, right?


Go it alone and do not be afraid. Fear can draw to you exactly what you do not want. If we keep pretending that the world's finances are okay then they will be. That means changes ahead will fall right into place with ease. If we shake in our shoes and worry and fret then we get more problems. Either way none of it is resolvable on the surface.

“Feel” your way through this idea and use your emotions to tell you what you need to know but do not act out of emotional despair. Whatever your emotion is at the time you make your financial decisions, you will get more of the same.

Many people attach power to finances and wealth. That means their finances rule their life. Others, understand that money is simply a tool we use to explore our internal lives.

Work with the idea that your finances reflect your understanding of value. Examine what you believe to be of value. Value yourself more and see what happens.


Flow with the stream of energy we call life. Accept what is and keep track of where you fall “off track” by documenting your daily events with a diary.

A spiral notebook, index cards, copy paper, a formal diary..find something to take down your thoughts at the end of everyday. Ask yourself questions in your diary and see what answers appear in the next days and weeks.

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