Loosen Up, Keep Silent and Seek Answers


Like I have been saying for several weeks now....get rid of your excess stuff...give it away, sell it, repurpose it...just clean it all up. The energy scales are tipping toward chaos in the home unless the occupants take charge of the situation. This is so for all of us no mater where we live in the country.

The idea is to create enough flow to open up a space to draw in new life experiences, new people and new things. If you have a partner or spouse that is not willing to part with their “stuff” then you have got a whole set of circumstances that need re-thinking. What is it that you truly want in life and can you get it by staying where you are and with a person who refuses to welcome a shift?

Energy will stay at a low pace in the home until some shifting and releasing occurs. Clean at least one room or one closet and you will see why the cards are repeating this conversation with you.

The two of coins is in reverse here, the four of coins is upright and the Wheel of Fortune is in reverse. Theses are all indications of stagnation, imbalance and stuck thinking.


When things get out of sorts at work, here is what you need to do: step back, find a spot where you can gather your thoughts and energy, and then expect miracles to occur. Really. Yes, miracles. Don't tinker with the situation, don't add your two cents. Just step away. Find a place to recoup...it could be within the building you are in or around the block from the office but preferably outside the confines of the office itself.

Add some music that is uplifting, something without words and listen to that for a moment. Don't judge the situation, do not add to the situation. If you do, you will get entangled and that draws the energy toward you.

Crazy? Maybe. But it works. Sometimes the issue that started the problem takes a few days to unravel and sometimes you realize you need to leave and find an environment better suited to your own needs and energy.

The work place is problematic right now because of the shift from a traditional economic setting into a new way of approaching relationship, business and finances. Those of you working in environments where the shift has taken place may still see some issues from vendors, suppliers and customers. Smile and give them all room to release. Change vendors if you need to.

The Hanged Man is in reverse, again the Wheel of Fortune is in reverse. The Tower is present upright and beckoning a startling revelation. But at the base of the reading is the two of Wands, upright and indicating a new way of life, a world the way you want it to be.


Time to take a new perspective about finances. Many of us have been stripped down to the basics and now it is time to grasp the idea that you are whole even with the basics and nothing else. A lost home means a new one on the way. The results of your thinking will begin showing in your finances.

Now, pay attention because what you think, you reap. If you keep getting a crappy situation then ask your higher self, you know the part of you that is not affected by society and its craziness, what it is you are resisting. Resistance causes the blocks, the crazy results and the repetition.

To move beyond resistance, plan ahead. Create a new, better situation in your head and build on it every day. Don't judge the when, where or how...just create it and it will begin to form. Don't work with the present situation at all, create a brand new situation. Don't build any links to the old situation in the new situation...create a whole, separate situation for your self. Remember, the miracles? Expect them.

The first four major arcana show up in this portion of the reading. Magician, High Priestess, Empress and Emperor are all upright. Think of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and the many uses we have for them in order. Musicians use them to get everyone is synch, writers use them to number the steps for a “How To"...the jist is they indicate order, progression, the lining up of cooperative items, people and things.


Begin a notebook specifically for your bedtime questions. Write the date and then the question need answers to. For instance, ask what you are resisting. Ask what you need to do to physically feel better. Ask what you need to do to find the rent money for the next month. Whatever it is, write it down.

Pay attention the first few minutes you are awake in the morning. This is a time period when you are straddling sleep and awaking and answers can come then. Pay attention throughout the day to see what comes. Answers can come the next day or may arrive a week or two later. But you will only receive them if you are paying attention. Write the answers down the minute they come, do not delay or they can fade quickly.

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