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Here we are at the beginning of a new week and I wanted to acknowledge the change I am about to make in my readings.

Here's the deal...everyone needs to begin thinking of themselves as part of the whole and not an astrological sign. If your identity is tied to an astrology sign you need to make a personal shift and drop that identity. The astrology horoscope concept is losing its ability to inform and requires us to re-merge with the whole. Instead, I will be writing toward the community.

I will be checking planetary, astrological and tarot to write a weekly planning guide for you.

Happy Easter and a big, formal welcome to Spring and all her beautiful aspects.


Downsizing and clearing clutter are topics we all need to address in the next month. If you don't take these matters into your own hands, the energy the objects hold in their existing pattern will draw what it projects and you won't get your say in the process. Better to take it on yourself and use the energy to propel you toward something you truly want.

Realize as you are tackling this project that you are moving things around inside your own world. Choose carefully what it is you want to change and release it by giving away your things or giving them a new life of some kind. Yes, throwing things away is just fine and so is re-purposing within the home. However, a completely clean start will require giving the item away. I suggest Goodwill because they give people jobs and they also recycle much of what is given them when they determine they cannot sell it.

Trust your intuition and responses and don't second guess yourself. In other words, don't chase the garbage truck down the street to recover something, just let it go.


We are in a period of integration and transition as a society. There is far more that needs to come down regarding our government and the momentum will be building for that in the coming weeks. This may mean more jobs disappearing and require each of us to re-evaluate what it is we think we are suppose to be doing.

Even when we are fully employed and paid well, we must keep our eyes open and our hearts connected to what we are delivering at the end of the day or week. The summer is building to be fast and furious leaving many workers and companies devastated and others winning easily. No one is getting something better than the other, really. There is always something waiting to fill in the open space. Remember this when faced with a pink slip or a rough week. You must keep your eye on the ideas of “curiosity and miracles.” Be curious. Expect miracles.”

If you can learn to clap and say “Oh goodie! Something great is coming.” every time something appears to go wrong you will be far ahead of everyone else. Could it be that easy? Yes, it is. The tough part is keeping your crazy monkey mind under control and away from defeating thoughts and behavior.


Buy local. Go through every item you purchase weekly and figure out a way to buy it locally. Not through a local company that ships it in to your town or area, NO. Find some one who makes it locally. It may take a while for some items to manifest and there will be things you will need to give up or only purchase occasionally – like sushi in the desert or New Mexican green chile in Vermont.

You need to begin living locally but not giving up a national or international mentality. Some time toward the end of the summer we are going to see food shortages. Best get your ducks in a row now.


Look for the connection you have with each person you come across during your day. Your opinion of their beliefs, the way they dress or the things they say need to be put aside. Find where you do connect—they are mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers, sisters, sons...people who walk, bike, run, play sports, dance...get the idea? So the person ringing the cash register doesn't look like you and your immediate response is to back off but wait you hear them talking about sewing and you sew or you heard them talking about sports and they like the same team you like...get it?

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