Acceleration, Revisiting Old Ideas and Get On With It!

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Aries (Mars) – Make an unexpected choice, something completely out of the ordinary scope of where you usually gravitate. If you are still listening and following the logic in your head you are missing the point and you will never get where you want to go. Put down the phone and stop arguing.

Taurus (Venus) – Address all false assumptions. Stop and feel everything before you act. That means turning off the mental chatter and the should have, would have, could have—all of that is only an excuse. The worry pit is not where you want to go. Act out of passion and when there is no passion at least find something to enjoy about the moment.

Gemini (Mercury) – Multiple dimensions await your attention, now. Not later, now. Slow down, and allow the ideas to form in your mind first. Notice what captures your attention, and how your thoughts make you feel. Time frames are assumptions that you can now break in and out of at will.

Cancer (Moon) – Are you listening to yourself speak? Listen every time words flow from your mouth and notice the separation between what you are saying and how you are watching what you are saying. Lines are blurred right now and the ability to shift into another way of being can come easily if you want it to.

Leo (Sun) – The only set of circumstances you can lay claim to are your own. Yes, you may have assisted them to get where they are, however, if “it” sticks then they did the actual work. Bask in the Sun when you get a moment and draw in the energy you need for the coming weeks.

Virgo (Mercury) – Do you think others would notice if your personality completely changed overnight? You are on the verge of realizing a whole new part of yourself and a set of ideas from which to live your life that several months ago you might have scoffed at. Those around you who are dependent upon the “old” you aren't going to like this so remove yourself and find other friends.

Libra (Venus) – Prepare a space in your home to use just for devising your new world. Stretching old ideas into new ones and completely destroying an old path are thoughts and changes you are hedging upon. You must be sure that you do not care what others think and you must create the personal space to nurture the process.

Scorpio (Pluto) – Follow your thoughts to their original source as best you can. Release yourself from the idea of perfection. Perfection does not exist. Attach yourself to the idea of being a rolling stone, an uneven, wobbly rolling stone that goes where it wants to when it wants to and then see what you learn.

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Trouble begets trouble. If you want trouble then think about trouble. Otherwise, choose some other thoughts. Plan a vacation or a trip to see something you have always wanted to see—a building, a city, a jungle, a mountain. Just plan it then put it aside without criticizing your choices or making judgments about cost and revisit it in a year.

Capricorn (Saturn) – Tap into the feelings you store away, the experiences or moments that represent joy, happiness or laughter. Use those to get through the week—every time you start to sink or feel bad see those giggly babies, playful puppies or smiling faces. Put those images right in your face and step into the feeling.

Aquarius (Uranus) – You have wallowed in your old world too long and it's time to make a shift into something that surprises and delights you. Start probing the universe for new ways of being. Ask it to show you a way to personal nirvana and see what happens. You have the ability to walk through fire to get what you want.

Pisces (Neptune) – You are in for a life changing opportunity one that could set you down into the world you have always wanted but never seemed to be able to formulate. The responsibility is awesome and you are completely capable of managing it. So, why do you keep hesitating?

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