Replace Old Traditions With New Ones
Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

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Aries (Mars) – It's in motion because you have taken action toward achieving something you have always dreamed of. Keep in mind that it will return to you as you have set it forth. We often make decisions based on perceptions that are invalid. If it comes back to you in a wonky fashion just reassess and tweak as needed. Fool reversed

Taurus (Venus) – If you have gotten your emotional responses under control then the rest of the week and year will run more smoothly. Be very aware of what it is you are saying and examine the words before speaking them — know what they mean and the seeds of motion they are aimed at will move in the right direction. Queen of Cups reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – Earthy energy is headed your way to help you shift and release an idea. Guidance and Good Fortune shine a light on the path you are treading giving you a full view of what's to come. However, illusions still lurk so keep one eye open at all times. You are not quite ready to assist others, you still need to assist yourself first. 3 of Wealth reversed

Cancer (Moon) – Rebuilding a safe spot to live within is keeping you more than occupied for the moment. There does not seem like much to celebrate but hang in there, a burst of power is heading toward you. Spend the week putting everything in order so you are ready when you finally wake up with that next brilliant idea. Queen of Cups reversed

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Leo (Sun) – A new relationship (work, love, friendship) hits your inbox and you are more than ready to dive in. However, stand back for a moment and examine what you are doing and saying. Spend some time contemplating what you would be doing if the relationship was not there and do that instead of getting involved. 2 of Cups

Virgo (Mercury) – The move is successful whether it is a move to a new home or a move toward a new relationship. Once you make the leap spend some time in contemplation of the changes you have just initiated, there may be more to make depending upon what conclusion you draw — do you feel comfortable? 2 of Cups

Libra (Venus) – You are well aware that you are in control this week. Easy manipulation of your environment allows you to quickly move forward and get a lot accomplished. Some sadness rises to the surface but an emotional boost is also in the offing. The idea of maintaining balance in all things is easier to accomplish. Chariot

Scorpio (Pluto) – You are forcing an issue that is presented as a new way to approach life but in fact is rife with traditional thought. Move past the traditional format and truly step into a new way of thinking and being or suffer the consequences of deceit. The ground is shaking beneath your feet but will subside if you change your thoughts to something more positive. 8 of Cups

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Sagittarius (Jupiter) – You are fighting against long held beliefs that are not worth thinking about. Forcing others to believe as you do is not advisable. Let go and walk away from the fight and develop your own life. The energy is ripe for a big personal change if you are willing to take the risk. Hierophant

Capricorn (Saturn) – The arguments blow over and the family maintains its status quo. What dream have you been aiming for? Revelations concerning that dream are popping up everywhere, are you watching for them or are you blind to them? A long held belief is ready to come tumbling down, do not let your spiritual nature collapse with it. 10 of Wealth

Aquarius (Uranus) – You are attempting to rest on your past accomplishments and that is causing some stagnation in your thoughts. Regain some order by clearing off your desk, emptying closets or cleaning out the garage or storage unit. Trash the stuff that is broken, give away what you are not using and repurpose or sell what's not important anymore. 8 of Wealth

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Pisces (Neptune) – Accepting a new way of being and living will create a ripple effect in a persons life. You are experiencing that ripple simply because you spoke up and others are startled that you think differently than they understood. That's not your problem, that's theirs. Keep moving forward to see what comes next. Chariot reversed

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