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Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

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Aries (Mars) – There is a sudden dip in someone elses finances that will throw you off a bit--female energy that welcomes you in but bites you at the same time. Don't accept their version of the truth but just go along with it. Remind yourself that they are not you — this is an opportunity to test your ideas. 10 of Wands reversed

Taurus (Venus) – You and someone you love have begun an adventure that is filled with prosperity and wealth. The areas of creativity that you don't access, your partner does and this is what makes the combination so good and fruitful. Reconnecting with loved ones is highlighted and helps to move your life forward. Ace of Wealth

Gemini (Mercury) – A series of events and ideas have lead you toward the path of prosperity and joy that you have longed for. You are two steps ahead of everyone else with an idea and the cards are in your favor. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, follow through with what you begin this week and see where you end up. Judgement

Cancer (Moon) – Crabs are good at rolling with the waves and this ability will come in handy this week. You are managing three very different young energies — some may be within you and some may come from family, friends and acquaintances. Watch how they respond to their own situations and learn what you can from them. Wheel of Fortune

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Leo (Sun) – A decision you make this week regarding work picks you up and places you further down the path than you would have been. Your eyes will be opened to a new set of circumstances so look for revealing information that fills in the blanks. Wealth has a firm hold on your plans. Judgement

Virgo (Mercury) – It's just a minor hiccup, nothing to scrap plans over. Plant your ideas about prosperity and abundance deeply and watch the tides begin to turn toward your bank account. Keep spiritual ties polished and in working order. Burn some incense, make your prayers and keep focused thoughts. Ace of Wealth

Libra (Venus) – You have chosen a direction and poured everything into it. Power, direction and prosperity are being tapped as you read this. Recognize the youthful thoughts that you have been able to release. Know that your connection to higher guidance is real and your dreams are coming true. Knight of Wands

Scorpio (Pluto) – You will be able to move away from the heaviness of the last year and when you do you get to leave behind all the arguing and fighting. However, if you move away from all of this you must do so completely, without any strings attached back to it. If you don't approach it this way then you will repeat the situation some time down the road or not be able to get away completely this time. 5 of Wealth

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Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Pay attention to your dreams this week, there are pieces of information in them that will help you make the right decisions about work. The time is coming closer when you will be able to discuss this with everyone but don't speak about it just yet. Draw power and growth from silence. Star

Capricorn (Saturn) – You receive some unexpected down time this week. Even a few hours to yourself without concern of anyone else is a gift these days. If you are in the middle of moving away from an old idea or thought form then a major breakthrough occurs. A younger energy will separate from you — it's time for this to happen. 6 of Swords

Aquarius (Uranus) – Balancing home and work has become an issue once again. The work you did a year ago to relieve this problem was just a patch. Dig deeper in your knowledge bank to discover why this didn't work and how you can resolve the problem once and for all. A decision must be made before moving on to the next item. 3 of Swords

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Pisces (Neptune) – You are swimming around an issue about the mother in your internal archetypal pantheon. The water is getting very stagnant around this issue and it is time to transform the concepts you hold about this energy. Swim in to see what this is really about and then write down what you discover about yourself and your early life. Queen of Cups reversed

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