Mercury Retrograde Is Its Own Reality
Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

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Aries (Mars) – If you believe that you cannot create you own reality, that everything happens from the outside in, then you are in for a BIG shock this week. Otherwise, you will move easily through the week. Keep your eyes peeled for someone who believes they can steal your creative abilities—detach from them. World reverse

Taurus (Venus) – This new work situation was created for you, by you. It will all come together faster than you ever imagined, mainly because you want it so much. Decisions will need to be made concerning which cause (or person) to back. Try your best to walk up the middle and not commit to one side or the other. 4 of Wealth

Gemini (Mercury) – Taking action during Mercury Retrograde is tricky business especially for a Gemini. You are being called to resurrect yourself from the life you have been leading into a life that others have never seen or experienced before—a hybrid sort of existence that would make others absolutely, voluntarily head for a mental institution. You won't need to. Justice reversed

Cancer (Moon) – You are being asked to transform your approach to a favorite cause. That may mean re-stating and re-framing previous statements. Don't worry about who walks away once you make these new views public—they have their own path to work on and need to move on anyway. Knight of Wands

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Leo (Sun) – Moving forward often means leaving behind outdated ideas. In your case, moving forward means not even knowing exactly where you are headed but feeling the need to take action and bravely pushing into the unknown. Look around, a new sexual partner is lurking about (lurking in a good way!)

Virgo (Mercury) – Don't buy into anything that makes your gut tighten, even just a tinge. Stop, feel and allow the information to come up from within before answering or participating. Meditation (call it quiet time if you need to) is required! You have chained yourself to ideas that are not valid and now you must identify those ideas and release them. Knight of Wands reversed

Libra (Venus) – Another step toward your goals has occurred. The negotiating stage has completed, now you will begin honing a particular persona that needs to be in place for you to “realize” the final destination. You have the personal knowledge to approach this with awareness and purpose—have at it! 3 of Wealth reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – Skepticism is a great place to be right now—believing in balance is the best reaction to everything headed your way. Find out what you get for your money first and get that in writing before proceeding. Discernment is important to develop further but discernment doesn't work if you are reacting in fear. The Devil reversed

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Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Working with female energy can be tricky but incredibly rewarding. It's tricky because one must silence their mental chatter to really get at the truth of what is being presented. Rewarding because the transformation is obvious to you. The downside is others may not be happy for you. The Devil reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – Financial gain is present but appears to come through another person which means it all looks good from the outside. Inside you may be a bit uncomfortable with how it unfolds. Consider an alternate choice before finalizing any contracts—keep yourself as free of debt as possible. Queen of Wealth reversed

Aquarius (Uranus) – Feelings are stirring behind the mask you present to the rest of the world. A partner may be more aware of this than you are. The deepest part of you is pushing itself upward and out in an attempt to take root in a more external fashion. Give yourself a routine in order to manage this important transition. Moon

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Pisces (Neptune) – A feeling of family much missed stirs deeply. The process of negotiating your way home begins but the results may fair better if you wait until mid September to actually finalize them and make payment. You come face-to-face with old, out-dated ways of thinking—can you make the needed changes? 10 of Wealth reversed

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