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Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

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Aries (Mars) – Settling in to a new concept about work and life leaves you little time to ponder what might have been — that's a good thing. Examine each "situation" that comes up to see if it is a repeat of a past experience. Weed out what needs to stay and focus on that. King of Cups reversed

Taurus (Venus) – An internal balancing act is in motion between two different male energies — think of them as attempting to blend together to create your own version of male energy. Remember we have male and female energy no matter the wrapper we live in. Allow the blending to take place and then watch the miraculous changes in your life. 4 of Wands

Gemini (Mercury) – You are well on your way to solving your biggest life mystery...how do I consistently get what I want. The power to make that happen is in motion, the concept of lack is transformed and the worry has subsided. Run with what you have in your hands right now — make it happen. Ace of Wands reversed

Cancer (Moon) – A minor adjustment is taking place this week concerning your ability to speak clearly and be understood. The formula for making this happen includes silence. That's right, silence. Just when you believe you should be speaking, you need to bite your tongue and not speak. Emperor

Leo (Sun) – The world you have always imagined yourself being at the center of is assembling quickly. You will begin feeling a strong sense of triumph but no one to share it with. The heart begins to open to new ideas and acceptance and will be what you follow from now on instead of the brain fodder you have always relied upon. 2 of Wands

Virgo (Mercury) – A new attitude is called for, the old one just left on the last bus out of town. This week offers you the moment you have been waiting for, the one where you receive recognition for a job well done and the opportunity to step up in the ranks. Spend time planning mentally for the next link in the chain. 3 of Wands reversed

Libra (Venus) – Listen to the internal voice, the urging that comes forth and not the pettiness that can erupt. Don't allow necessary steps to become obstacles, they are only necessary in the moment and not something you want to think about further. Choose one thing to develop and then you can move on to the other ideas. Hierophant

Scorpio (Pluto) – The argument is based on stagnant thinking. Remove yourself from the group and think about another topic, one that is happy and fruitful and not one that focuses on right or wrong. A new partnership is in the offing — make sure you know them well before diving too far in. Hanged Man reversed

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Looks like some money is headed your way. A legal issue is resolved in your favor, although actually getting your mitts on the cash may stagnate a bit. Look toward a new path to resolve this issue internally. In other words, consider taking the money and doing something for the community, something on which to build in the future. Knight of Swords

Capricorn (Saturn) – State your mind (your thoughts) and move on. You are given an opportunity to move in another direction with a set of ideas that will shock and amaze you — ideas that have never occurred to you before but that are fruitful and make you happy. The balancing act will now even out and not cause quite the dip in downfall and upswing as before. Queen of Swords reversed

Aquarius (Uranus) – It is time to completely let go of a worn out and trampled idea. Really, stop thinking about it and let it die. So much more is headed your way — good stuff, great ideas — you must "allow" it all to take hold. If you decide to take part of this old idea with you, you will be stuck with hauling it around and it will block other opportunities. Knight of Wands reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – You don't need the money so why are you arguing with these people? If you are holding on out of principle then that may seem reason to hang on but is it really? Is the principle well meaning but inadequate, antiquated and all together useless in the 21st century? Ponder this from every angle — pros and cons. Are you justifying a dinosaur? 5 of Wealth reversed

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