Your Strengths Are A Tool For Personal Power
Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

Aries (Mars) – “Action!” The planning stage is over and you should be moving forward in the time space continuum with your product/service/idea. Balancing inner and outer responses is your job right now. So, when you respond negatively to something (person, idea...) stop yourself and examine why (not in defense but in curiosity). 4 of Swords reversed

Taurus (Venus) – A marriage in business or in a lifestyle is coming into motion. A person of painful influence is finally dealt with on a deep personal level. Play off the strengths of the relationship to build a stronger base. The honing of a set of skills (education) is in its final stages. Ace of Cups reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – Congrats, you have finally recognized and let go of some major issues. You now know that the big sticks you carry around and wave at everyone have no meaning whatsoever to anyone but you. Walking away from the crowd will boost your creativity ten-fold. 9 of Wands reversed

Cancer (Moon) – Fast, fast, fast is how the energy is moving for you right now. If you can get your head wrapped around your personal strengths (the things you know how to do) and move forward from there, your world will shift rapidly. Its' time for action — look to home for the support you will need. 8 of Wands

Leo (Sun) – You are preparing for a new union with yourself. The transformation is startling. Look inward to understand this process better — stay in touch throughout the day with how you feel. It's not about them it's about you. Continue to replace chaotic and confusing thoughts with ideas and topics that make you feel good. 2 of Cups

Virgo (Mercury) – Stop screaming and yelling and attempting to sword fight with everything you come into contact with. Minor shifts and changes in surroundings are a good step to take. You have remarkable skills in place that you are not using. Identify them and then take action to use them. Knight of Swords reversed

Libra (Venus) – A new point of view delivers surprising results. You are successful in arriving on time to your destiny so stop worrying about timing and best moves. If you will stay focused on your feelings and what feels right, your path will continue to open up. The trust you have put into yourself will visibly pay-off now. Hanged Man

Scorpio (Pluto) – You come face-to-face with yourself this week...are you ready for this challenge? The concepts of male and female that you have been basing all your decisions upon are turned over and you must redefine them from your own experience. This internal marriage will serve you far better than the original one you identified with. Death

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Finally, you are dropping assumptions and perceptions that have held you in place and stunted personal growth for some time. Focus on understanding the role of power in your life. Look at family dynamics to get detailed information. There are relationships and people you need to separate from but that separation will occur naturally — no need to force it. 10 of Wands reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – Work from your strengths and do not act upon your weaknesses. Do you know what your strengths are? If you don't then you must stop right now and identify them. Your strengths are where you should be operating from. Once you have them listed, then anything you create or do should rest upon them. 7 of Cups

Aquarius (Uranus) – The decision you just made is moving forward rapidly. It may appear that you are losing for the first few weeks but in fact appearances are deceiving. Continue to focus upon your end goal and all will fall into place. Tangents, or fits of yelling, can side track you. 2 of Swords reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – The Wheel of Fortune keeps turning, which means you won't get stuck in the mire of the moment. However, if you choose to sidetrack the transformation you are in, you can get frozen in a pattern of thought. The best way to tackle this and keep things moving is to return to the truth about what it is you truly want. Wheel of Fortune

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