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Aries (Mars) – The end result (the award or compliment you finally achieved) is just part of the process and not the end of the line. You may have inadvertently rejected part of a glorious possibility just because you were too busy to notice it. The creative process occurs daily on all levels, stop to appreciate it. Judgement reversed

Taurus (Venus) – Looks like you have conquered a deep, dark demon from your vocabulary. Congrats! Indications show that laying it all out emotionally has cleared the deck for a more interesting life. Focus now on rearranging the mental — those thoughts you repeat over and over have got to go. 5 of Cups reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – You have a decision to make this week...will you move forward or take another spin on the "heartbreak machine"? It is really not necessary to review heartbreak and failure. Once you learn from these types of situations, rehashing them just brings more of the same "stuff", and that would make you feel good because, why? 5 of Cups reversed

Cancer (Moon) – You have soooo much in motion (not unusual for a Gemini!) that discernment becomes a challenge this week. You may feel as if you are fighting off every little thought, person and thing this week. Don't focus too much, drop the big stick you carry around (it's just a prop, btw) and success will be forth coming. High Priestess reversed

Leo (Sun) – Some things must be left up to the fates and do not need human tinkering to come to fruition or some type of outcome. For instance, planting seeds may require watering and basic care but do you really have anything to do with the actual internal growth of the plant? Respond to everything you encounter after you have stopped to "feel" first. 3 of Cups reversed

Virgo (Mercury) – The seeds you have planted are beginning to show some promise. Soon you will see results pushing their way up through the soil you have so carefully built and fed. Stay focused on one avenue to prosperity and abundance — adding more than one could water down the the results. Queen of Wealth reversed

Libra (Venus) – Do not carry someone else's misperceptions and misguided assumptions — they will just gunk up the results. Stop and look more deeply and you will perceive much more about motives, agenda's and the beauty of love. Until you can see the love easily, try not to get too involved in other people's business. 6 of Wealth reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – Seems you have figured out, or at least accepted, the idea that you are not completely alone in the world and that you do not need to control or assist everyone that comes along. There is more to this transformation — no feeling of triumphant will occur, just the comfort of smooth sailing ahead. Page of Wealth reversed

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Can you recognize and name the illusions that surround you? When you can then they will cease to have control over you. You have a tendency to learn something and then unlearn it or actually forget you learned it. Undo this by recognizing the pros and cons of every situation, no matter how good it appears. 7 of Cups

Capricorn (Saturn) – One down, more to come. Excellent work, by the way, but remember that life is an ever evolving process and so each day allows you to build upon what you have just achieved and perceived. If you want your life to continue to improve, then you must think the thoughts that make it better. 6 of Wands

Aquarius (Uranus) – It's a lush, exotic week for you. Action is centered around completing one process and choosing a new project. You keep stopping yourself from wandering into an area that fascinates you but one in which you have no real understanding and therefore are afraid of. Examine this curiosity further, you have more in common there than you know. Queen of Wealth

Pisces (Neptune) – Your support of another family member is important to pursue this week. A simple smile and acceptance may do the trick, nothing elaborate is needed. Your job is to facilitate change. Sexuality is more recognizable than usual — that's not an invitation and should be used to examine life in general. 6 of Wealth

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