Hang On - Here We Go!
Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

Aries (Mars) – The end result (the award or compliment you finally achieved) is just part of the process and not the end of the line. You may have inadvertently rejected part of a glorious possibility just because you were too busy to notice it. The creative process occurs daily on all levels, stop to appreciate it. Judgement reversed

Taurus (Venus) – That hesitant feeling you have is normal so just put it aside and keep moving forward. It is necessary this week to balance the fast movement of the outside world and the need for quiet, inner reflection. Keep your focus on the task at hand, assisting others only where it makes sense to. Adjust your thinking to accept the idea of achievement and success. King of Wands

Gemini (Mercury) – You enter the world of illusion knowing exactly how to use it for the best interests of all. The discernment you have developed is your set of guidelines that protect you and keep you open and focused. No need to tinker with the foundation, it's about as solid as it can get. 4 of Wands

Cancer (Moon) – Legalities are at the center of the week's activities and they eventually transform your power and position. Be careful of identifying too strongly to the illusory side of life during this transformation process. Stay focused on personal objectives and your needs will be met, easily. Justice

Leo (Sun) – Your speaking voice (in writing, verbally and visually) takes on a new physicality. Balance this new ability with plenty of meditative time. The process that is unfolding is lifting you up and away from lack and dropping you into a place where you every need and desire is met. King of Swords

Virgo (Mercury) – There is a stagnant, outdated and potentially disruptive piece of information or belief you keep holding on to. The week provides fast forward movement that can be directed by you to assist you to uncover this outdated information and transform it. Consider the opposing views of your parents to start the process. Two of Wands reversed

Libra (Venus) – No matter how hard you hang on to old ideas, the transformation is taking place with or without you. The world will never be the same and will continue to move forward whether you decide to come along or not. You can negotiate for as long as you wish but what you end up with won't be any more valuable than what you started with. 8 of Wealth

Scorpio (Pluto) – Let go of what it is you think you need and just decide where you would like to end up. Now, with that end result in mind allow yourself to just be who you are. What comes to you comes — discern and dissect and take what you need without judgement and see what unfolds. Revelations come through this approach. 5 of Wealth

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – You don't have to focus so hard, really, you already know what direction you wish to move in. So, loosen up a bit, buy a friend coffee or lunch and enjoy the give and take life brings you. A new path opens up at your feet and sends you forward on the best journey of your life. 7 of Wealth reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – You must take time this week to meditate or just give yourself quiet, meditative moments — it is essential to understanding where you are headed. A belief is only that which you keep thinking about — the thought process builds the thinking into a belief. Quiet moments break that thought process, allowing you a way out of the troubling thoughts. 4 of Swords

Aquarius (Uranus) – Careful consideration takes you far this week. Don't jump into just any canoe that passes by and don't respond to every wave or indication others offer. Leaping into the unknown just because you can't control your thoughts and emotions indicates you need to spend more time getting in touch with who you really are at your inner core. 3 of Wands

Pisces (Neptune) – The wheel is turning and life is taking form according to your needs and desires. What are those, do you know? Let go of the old and allow the new ideas to take root. Any bad dreams or unsettling ideas can be faced with clear, positive descriptions of what you do want to have happen. Justice

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