Let Go and Ride the Wave
Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

Aries (Mars) – The energy has been triggered and the movement toward completion is present right NOW. Success is following the movement closely. Just stay focused on where you are headed — write down the destination if you have to and refer to it when needed. 6 of Swords

Taurus (Venus) – This theme of going it alone will last for a few more months and then VOILA the world will shift for you. Your job is to be prepared for the VOILA moment — pretend as if it had already arrived and live as if. You may win the argument but it leaves you feeling down. Knight of Wealth

Gemini (Mercury) – If you can make it through this week you will be flying into a bright future. You are dealing with a deep level of release and beginning to truly grasp the concept of building your reality with your thoughts. Accept the gifts given and use them wisely. It's really not about the “work”. 8 of Swords reversed

Cancer (Moon) – You learn much this week that has been hidden and covered-up for years. An emotional male energy seems to know everything but in fact is the one at the root of the issue. A new mental direction can bloom and take hold once you move past the stunning revelations of the week. Queen of Wands reversed

Leo (Sun) – You will need to step beyond the crowd, the shouting, the demanding and create your own scenario this week. A stagnant perception keeps dragging all of the noise into your thoughts and now it is time to learn how to ignore it and think your own vision into being. Hanged Man reversed

Virgo (Mercury) – Guidance is sitting in your heart and so it is not necessary to search elsewhere for it. A motherlode of wealth is surrounding you, can you see it? Look closely, what appears to be a loss is truly not. Keep your eyes open this week for opportunity after opportunity. Hermit reversed

Libra (Venus) – Take what you have managed to create and run with it tucked under one arm — you truly need no more than what you have already created. NOW you need to ACT on what you have designed, this will make it grow faster than waiting around for more to take root. 3 of Wealth reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – Shift your point of view just a degree or two and the world will open up to your fantastical ideas. You can accomplish all of this on your own if you will drop the big stick you carry around — no more beating people up mentally or physically! Use self control and inner strength to accomplish everything, from NOW on. King of Wealth

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Take time out this week to contemplate where you are headed. A remarkable event will release the worry and concern you have been carrying around. More is still hidden and time may seem frozen at certain points of the day but keep moving — movement will release that. 4 of Swords

Capricorn (Saturn) – I suggest you read the Sagittarius horoscope and consider what is triggering your supposed financial downturn. My suggestion is to decide what is most important to you and your significant others and focus upon that. Is it love or money? 4 of Swords

Aquarius (Uranus) – Some rules and regulations are going to get in the way of where you believe you should be going. Take a deep breath and consider that you are being given the opportunity to re-evaluate your goals. Juggle as many things as you can but feel free to put down a ball if necessary. 6 of Cups reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – You will feel a bit out of your element this week but what that accomplishes is huge. A new home life, a new way of thinking and a new way of being are all at your feet, just step forward and believe that you can have anything you want. King of Cups reversed

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