Your Beliefs Create Reality
Weekly Tarot Horoscope

Aries (Mars) – Just remember, you are being given exactly what you have asked for based on your internal belief system. Belief's are planted because they are thoughts that are repeatedly focused on — not because they are true. Truth happens in the moment and is based on universal laws, not man's laws. High Priestess

Taurus (Venus) – While everyone around you creates chaos and confusion, arguments and demands, blame and controversy, you are quietly receiving the biggest news of your life -- you are discovering who you really are. Do not participate in gossip or finger pointing this week. Standby silently just being what you are. 4 of Cups

Gemini (Mercury) – A series of decisions is headed your way and they all surround a brand new relationship. Relax for a moment and just enjoy the feeling of what is occurring. This is an unfolding and must be “allowed” (that means without your further tampering) to engage. In fact, a lot of what is being “felt” may even be hidden from you to keep you from meddling. 2 Of Cups

Cancer (Moon) – Stop and listen to the thoughts in your head. These thoughts, the stream that runs through your mind, is forming what you experience. Yes, I know, the rants, the anger, the labeling are all creating your life. You can get control of the thoughts, in fact, you must get control of them if you want your life to change. Hanged Man reversed

Leo (Sun) – One little, niggling thing keeps returning in your experience that is puzzling and uncharacteristic. You have the opportunity this week to address it upfront, or at least to “see” it for the first time. It has repeated over and over from the first time the idea entered your mind as a child. It is stagnant and may literally “stink”. King of Wands

Virgo (Mercury) – This time the plan to move on doesn't happen. You are actually in full-blown completion of something you came here to do. The only thing you are missing is the impetus, or fire (read that as passion), to make it all happen. A new sense of prosperity and security is entering the picture but you will have to continue a very high level of internal honesty with yourself. 10 of Cups

Libra (Venus) – Business is in motion — career, work or the sheer moment to moment living that you love so much. The universe is pulling together all the missing components that are needed according to your “plan”. Hold your tongue and speak only after you have thought through the answer. Put all “worrying” aside and accept life as it comes to you. 2 of Wands

Scorpio (Pluto) – The words you speak are planting seeds for the future. Be wary of speaking in anger, frustration or without first considering what you are getting ready to say. A gift in the form of assistance is headed your way. Paying attention right now reveals a way into the “feeling” aspect of life and removes the focus on the “doing”.10 of Cups

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – You are headed off in a direction you didn't think was possible, that you did not believe you could actually manifest, so you have abused it and ignored the possibility. The birth of this situation is sudden and actually ends an era of another way of living or being. There is triumph here, a sense of ownership is forming. Magician reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – Bittersweet is the word that comes to mind when reviewing the energy coming your way this week. Suddenly you “get” something that you realize you have been using as a foundation — an unfounded foundation, one that is unproven as worthy of a foundation. Think about that for a while, what happens when you have used the wrong materials to build something that needs to be solid? Knight of Swords reversed

Aquarius (Uranus) – Your emotional side becomes, well, unemotional. That's not a bad thing, it actually indicates that you can finally begin to examine your feelings without becoming intertwined with them to the point of losing perspective. Lots more to “feel” when you can separate in this way. 5 of Cups reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – Life is falling into place, so to speak. You are feeling very satisfied with how it all is turning out, at least for the moment. Don't get too attached to how things are right now — the only thing that is assured is change. Store the “feeling” of this moment and return to it in the future when you need an emotional “lift”. 9 of Cups

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