Appearances Are Deceiving
Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

Aries (Mars) – Something is happening behind the scenes, are you aware of it? One person will claim triumph and another will sneak off with the “goods” -- could be clients, money, equipment, ideas or even convincing someone that their perspective is all wrong. The verbal female energy is in control here, mainly through intimidation, but why? Magician reversed

Taurus (Venus) – You are being given a reprieve in the form of no movement or the appearance of failure (but it is not!). Spend the week thinking about what it is you want and put things in order on paper before moving them around in real life. You are on the right path...a gift will be given in the form of information. 6 of Swords reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – Keep in mind that this week is part of a birthing process. Your attitude during this process is what matters. If you believe you are doomed then you are; if you believe life is good and you stay focused on what you want and pay no attention to what isn't working, life shifts. It's about “feeling” your way through. The Devil

Cancer (Moon) – Read the horoscope for Gemini and keep in mind that what you focus on becomes more solid. Yes, things happen that are devastating but your response to those things is what matters — spend too much time mulling them over and they just get larger. Put them aside and think about what you do want and life shifts for the better. 4 of Wands reversed

Leo (Sun) – Put an old cause aside and choose something else to give your attention to. A load of “push and force” is coming your way. Stay rested and focus on “feeling” good — think about what IS working and only about what IS working. The turmoil is seated in a childhood belief about male and female roles. Knight of Wands reversed

Virgo (Mercury) – See, it shifted again, didn't it? You must let go of the desire to control everyone around you — it's getting you into trouble. Practice the art of “allowing” others to be what they are, not what you want them to be. As you work with this “allowing”, notice how easily everything moves in your direction when you succeed. 9 of Wealth

Libra (Venus) – An old “spark” of a relationship is finally dieing. You are being released from its clutches (otherwise known as the continual stream of thoughts about it). This has more to do with your ability to remove the obstacles in your thinking. Stay focused on creative endeavors for the next few weeks — tinkering always raises your energy. 2 of Cups reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – A successful move highlights the week. A legal issue subsides for a few months allowing you to settle into a small daily routine. From this vantage point, spend some time acknowledging what you have let go of and rearrange your thinking around topics that “push your buttons”. 9 of Wealth

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Everything feels so out of order that you may believe it all is. Trust the process to lead you forward. Problems exist because of your beliefs not because they are the only way to live or be. Life is in motion this week, no downtime or stagnation to deal with...keep a pair of comfortable shoes handy wherever you go. Emperor reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – Whoa, how do you sink so fast? Stop doing that! Yes, you CAN control it. Just replace the down thoughts with ones that build something you desire and live “as if” it is so. Do not buy into the idea that change is a bad thing, it is a good thing and it is initiated by desire — jump on its wave. Listen to some Mozart. Knight of Wealth

Aquarius (Uranus) – You need no help this week getting everyone motivated and upbeat — just show up and it will happen. Continue to use the solar plexus as a warning guide to avoid situations that have signs of a malcontent being present — that flip-flop you feel in the gut is your warning, walk away when you feel it. Wheel of Fortune

Pisces (Neptune) – You are being afforded the opportunity to dump a whole suitcase full of misinformation from a male figure in your past. You may actually be paid to enter this process. The week requires a bit of monetary balancing, ask a friend for help if necessary or help a friend out if you can. Creative work or children are highlighted. King of Wands reversed

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