The Heat of Personal Transformation
Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

Aries (Mars) – Everything appears to slow down and then halt. This is due to a belief that your life has been compromised. Really? Compromised, as in you have no control? The fact is you are finally seeing the truth, no illusion, and you have convinced yourself it is horrific. Find the up side to the situation instead and everything will shift. King of Cups

Taurus (Venus) – There is no room for negotiating with an emotional female energy — the distortions on their part won't allow it to happen. It may be time to completely cut the ties with them or at least distance yourself further. It will be late August before the energy turns again in favor of this process. Queen of Wealth reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – Transformation is in control of your every move. This is a successful process and initiates a possible move of home or business. However, the triumphant feeling you so love will not rise to the surface even when you are triumphant. Mental drive and action top the week. Get it done now and play later. Death

Cancer (Moon) – Readjustments in emotional responses avoid repetitive crying jags. Move into male mode and let your voice rise up — speak out in your own defense but not with words. Consider other means of making your point. Try a different train of thought, a different string of ideas to focus upon instead. 8 of Cups reversed

Leo (Sun) – Unraveling the restrictive thoughts surrounding your power means removing your power from the ill-perceived notions that have bound it up until this point. It is no mistake that you are finding modalities and information that will assist you in re-seating personal power. Remember to balance out the day with a viewing of the sunset or sunrise. Queen of Wands

Virgo (Mercury) – The wheel of emotions that keeps turning inside your chest and gut is rolling back around to fear and scarcity. Negotiations are in order — get very clear on what it is you want. Know it inside and out and test it internally. If enlightenment is what you want, then whatever the outcome you must accept it as a way of bringing you enlightenment. 9 of Wealth reversed

Libra (Venus) – While you are focused upon a project that appears to be less fruitful than it technically should be, another, more exciting possibility is brewing. Begin writing or verbalizing what you are thinking. Let it roll out in rants and streams and then package what you have and send it out into the world — edit where you need to. King of Wands reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – Your mental grasp of a new relationship is not necessarily the power you were seeking. Unfortunately the “power” will have to be built and nurtured by you — something you don't always care to do in most relationships. By approaching the relationship differently and allowing it to develop naturally you uncover the truth about you. Hermit reversed

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Don't run and hide from yourself and others in response to losing. Your perception is off and the truth is you are uncovering and conquering years of internal mental and emotional abuse. Don't try to isolate yourself, don't attempt to take revenge. Instead, silently ask for assistance and watch what appears. 4 of Wands reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – Your world just got bigger, wider and healthier. Have you been working on your affirmations or some other modality of assistance? Sure looks like it. It may still appear that you hold very little of value in your possession but what no one can see is what is headed your way. Page of Cups

Aquarius (Uranus) – You are moved by a deep need to improve the situation you find yourself in. In fact, the devastation you are viewing seeps into your manifestation if you are not careful to isolate it and keep your distance. Focus on other thoughts, thoughts that examine the best world you can conceive of. See a new world fully formed and functioning without horror or suffering. 3 of Wands

Pisces (Neptune) – Why do you still feel all alone even when there are others around you? Consider another place to live and 'be' that offers a deeper internal connection. Your personal power must come from within and not from the guidance of other people. Can you feel your personal power at this moment? If not, find it. 2 of Wands reversed

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