Stop and Think!
Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

Aries (Mars) – The power of past beliefs loosens its hold on your thinking. Of course, it “feels” like a house of cards tumbling down around you but it is not, as long as you know the truth about your core being. You no longer have to hang on to ideas you do not really connect with just to please others. 10 of Wands reversed

Taurus (Venus) – You are renewing an internal relationship with the self—sorta like falling in love with yourself. Personal dreams that have been important for a long time begin to manifest—disturbances surround you are due to this but are of no consequence because of your focus and ability to smile. 2 of Cups

Gemini (Mercury) – It seems the more seeds you plant the more engaging and successful you are—this works for you but not others. Now comes the time to focus on one so that it can carry the others. Fruition arrives “in the flesh” this week although you may not be able to see that. Gifts abound and relief is felt deeply. 7 of Wealth

Cancer (Moon) – Accept the gifts, opportunities and assistance given to you this week—don't ask why and don't turn away from it. You are learning a very core truth about energy and what is connected to it. Examine internal responses and mind chatter when others lend a hand even if it is just opening a door or handing you something you dropped. 6 of Wealth

Leo (Sun) – Stir up the emotions and what is desired will manifest faster. Keep that thought in mind as you move through the week. Although the comfort you seek does not manifest in full, there is headway made due to recent events that pushed you to make a deeper commitment. Payoff is coming and it will not be mired in illusion. Queen of Cups

Virgo (Mercury) – As old ideas begin to disintegrate, there are new ones blooming every where. This experience is unbalancing in many ways and hopeful at once. Begin to see that new seeds can be planted in the wealth area of your life. In fact, as you pick and choose new work, do so with the idea of creating a new path for self and family. The World

Libra (Venus) – There are personal goals in motion that are presenting you with numerous opportunities. Becoming an authority or expert at something is near. Continue to meditate on where it is you want to be, what you want your world to look like and, most importantly, how you want to “feel” when you are there. Give it all direction. Magician reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – Some light appears at the end of the tunnel. A rush of revelation and realizations enter the picture. But why do you still feel “stuck”? Why are you not moving forward if you are “feeling” the forward motion? Expectation may be interfering here. Although the nightmarish dream is over, you are still tied to your belief in the past. The Sun

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – You have been basing all of your responses to wealth and prosperity on a childhood belief. Stop and learn how to negotiate as a thinking adult and replace this unruly point of view, it gets you only so far and then it betrays you. Operate from a place of deep desire to begin to shift focus. 4 of Wands

Capricorn (Saturn) – A deep fear rises to the top of consciousness—this is a good thing not a bad thing—and allows you a moment to examine and assess it. Now, let go of it as if it never existed and replace it with something far more uplifting and useful. Consider the replacement as if it were a new lover and see where your thoughts land by weeks end. Ce of Cups reversed

Aquarius (Uranus) – Your subconscious can only give back what it has been given. This means that what you are experiencing you have planted by your thinking. Change the thinking and the experience will change too. Do not snub any offers of assistance. Keeping your observation wide open may be a problem this week. High Priestess

Pisces (Neptune) – The power and direction you seek may be getting watered down before it reaches you. The merging of two male energies is an internal event that may be wreaking havoc on you and at the same time opening up internal vistas. Spend time cleaning closets and pulling weeds in the garden to get a handle on this situation. King of Wealth

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