Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
June 7 - June 13, 2010

Aries (Mars) – It may be a neighbor, someone you work with, a family member or even yourself—keep your eyes peeled for some level of deceit. The realization opens a can of worms for your viewing. In reality, nothing has really changed it's just a level of awareness that grows larger and larger as the summer progresses. Temperance reversed

Taurus (Venus) – This moment indicates an event that causes a “stalling” effect not unlike a level of procrastination. Inside is a reward, sorta like the prize in a cereal box, only this one can be “revved” up any time you need it. Combine the surprise with the push-pull of the mind and use it to escape negative thinking. Judgment

Gemini (Mercury) – Your energy says “charge!” but the atmosphere around you, the opportunities and the tendrils they offer say “slow down”. Everything you touch is up in the air right now and not quite ready to fall into place so don't meddle with it. Get still and quiet. Knight of Swords

Cancer (Moon) – The person in charge is not at all sure of what they are suppose to do. Their thinking is stagnant and their ability to complete, much less implement, anything is sorely lacking. Take solace at home, plan some summer projects and don't offer to help them. King of Wands

Leo (Sun) – There is an inner strength that you have been developing that is being tested. The incongruity you feel is the awkward movement of the internal masculine and feminine principles meeting up. Don't charge in to fix it, just allow it—take a nap, listen to soothing music, stay away from the television. Knight of Cups reversed

Virgo (Mercury) – Spend the week pursuing “uplifting” tasks and events—quiet music, focused meditation, simple meals, good friends. You are carrying around a load of illusion about a particular relationship and you need clear judgment to see it—miss it and it will come around again to say “hello”. 5 of Wealth

Libra (Venus) – If you get quiet enough you might be able to detect the “click, click, click” of the wheels as they turn in your thinking. A negotiation period has begun, a crazy new way of living and being is at hand. It's all fun and fruitful if you pay attention to the details. 6 of Wands

Scorpio (Pluto) – Do you understand how hard you have worked in order to make it all fall down? The veils drop this week and the realization comes over you—Do I really need to try so hard? Change your life simply by changing your thinking to a more positive vein. 8 Of Wealth

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – The decision you made is spinning everything else into its proper place. What's that? You say things aren't landing where you intended them to? Hmmm, maybe you are hanging on too tightly and can't see how perfect it all is. 6 of Wealth reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – A new relationship must be forged carefully for it to work in your favor. Winning may occur, especially in court, and the illusions drop—loudly. What is it you believe about your primary relationship that just is not true? Knight of Swords reversed

Aquarius (Uranus) – It will seem that taking action is necessary but the truth is that silence and careful watching is best right now. The situation is far bigger than anyone imagines, allow everything to fall into place first—name each area that information is needed in about before action is taken. 4 of Swords

Pisces (Neptune) – It is really okay that you don't see the whole picture just yet. You need time to imagine your way through it—the best ideas often come when you work on gut response and what “feels” best at any one time. Negotiations are at hand. Moon

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