Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
May 31 - June 6, 2010

Aries - Mars - Think about it, plan it, know what you truly want before you leap this time. Every “thing” that came before this moment was practice and now we step into the nitty-gritty. No worries though, this should feel familiar, easy and enjoyable to accomplish. Queen of Swords reversed

Taurus - Venus – Power issues—ways of getting what you need and want—become more three-dimensional in your thoughts. Now is the time to step forward and take an accounting of your world and discover what's really in it. Consider that you are living in two worlds that are really one. Page of Wands

Gemini - Mercury – Reorganization is the name of the game. Mixing business with pleasure is not advisable. The “emotional home” is what you need to focus on, the feelings that make up your life. Think about ways you might want to redirect emotion to cause more growth. Devil

Cancer - Moon - You might be stepping forward a bit too fast, the body (the physical) is not able to catch up and establish itself. And yet, there is plenty to be thankful for and to enjoy. A new project has been birthed and shows promise. Empress

Leo - Sun – A tumble of decisions, directions and possible undertakings spill into your email box. Choose one and investigate until you understand and then tackle the next and investigate. Only one is worth the effort, the rest are just smoke and mirrors. 3 of Swords reversed

Virgo - Mercury – You did not receive the recognition you deserved with the last job you just completed. Never mind, keep moving forward. The opportunity to birth a more spiritual assignment is waiting for your discovery. Decide and then direct your power. 6 of Wands reversed

Libra - Venus – A new point of view is emerging—follow it because you have no choice in the matter. Actually, you chose to step into this, you chose this a very long time ago and have sputtered, stopped and reversed many times. Guidance is available, now is the time to launch. Judgment reversed

Scorpio - Pluto – It may seem that everything has spilled on to the ground and all the “good stuff” has drained away. A gift arrives in the form of a new friend and just in the nick of time. This friend offers a point of stability in the coming months, assisting you in arriving to your party on time and in good shape. Magician reversed

Sagittarius - Jupiter – The emotions and gratitude are high, the motion is fast and headed forward but for some reason you are feeling stuck. Consider taking the path of least resistance, the one less traveled, the one no one else sees as clearly as you. Ace of Cups

Capricorn - Saturn – The events of the week are just another cog in the wheel only this time you get to take things in a whole new direction. Learn to balance your responses, to bite your tongue or think before you speak. The moment will pass and the next will present a better alternative. Death

Aquarius - Uranus – It is not about work, it is about down time—moments when relaxing are magical and eternal. Let go of the chatter in the mind and replace it with something more soothing and visually entertaining. Rearrange your home and living areas and make room for the new adventures headed your way. Emperor reversed

Pisces - Neptune – This is not a time for verbal confrontations or a time to allow poorly formed mental patterns to take over your responses. You find you are much more in control of the direction your life is taking. A new avenue of work opens up for you. Chariot

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