Serving Number 110,444
Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

Aries (Mars) – You are being pushed right now to transform a belief system that prevents you from moving forward with your plans. The possibility of people passing on from this life occurs so that you can move your consciousness up a few notches. Don't hang on to relationships that are not in tune with you. High Priestess

Taurus (Venus) – It may feel like you lose control over your circumstances but in truth this is a necessary shift. You will be picked up and moved into a new location and soon (this can be work or home related). Consider ways to expand your thinking and reach for new dimensions. Magician reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – Shake the tree and see what falls out. Consider that emotions are just a gauge of our internal discord, that maybe they serve a purpose we aren't informed about. The opportunity to transform your way of using and seeing emotions is arranged by a higher, more intelligent inner source—take the opportunity to examine this idea. Knight of Wands

Cancer (Moon) – You might be feeling out of sorts, uncreative and completely out of control of your environment this week. It's decision making time. Consider that you are being presented with the opportunity to let go and shake loose from a way of thinking. 8 of Swords

Leo (Sun) – You have stuck to an idea long enough that it is beginning to take shape in the outer world. One more minor shift is needed to get it all off the ground and in physical motion. Get grounded this week with a trip into the outdoors—spend the day or just an uninterrupted hour with the earth. Tower reversed

Virgo (Mercury) – Back up for a moment and sit down. Now, you must give yourself time to think about what is really going on. You have the opportunity to use emotion in a whole new way but not with the group of people you are hanging around with at the moment. 4 of Swords

Libra (Venus) – Beware of the illusion this week that someone else can save you. Your unusual way of thinking sets you apart and you must find your own rhythm. You are past the birthing step and now must nurture your ideas into teenhood and maturity. Hierophant reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – The imbalance you are feeling is a great teacher. It shows you many things, revealing the truth if you are willing to listen closely. Assistance comes in the form of cash, no need to beg, borrow or steal to get it. Feeling relatively “flush” in the pocketbook does you a world of good. 2 of Wealth reversed

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – The decision made leads to further negotiation but you won't get much from the final agreement. In fact, you may have short changed yourself from the very beginning. The whole incident occurred because discernment and speech need to be examined together—you will get another chance to rework these ideas. 2 of Swords reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – You keep wandering around inside the same box filled with the same ideas and the same parameters. Load the car up with the kids or friends and loved ones and head off in a new direction. Try a new routine to loosen it all up. 6 of Cups

Aquarius (Uranus) – You are repeating and rebuilding the same life you had in the last place you lived. Why? The beauty of your surroundings should be lifting you up and away from your past patterns—allow it to do so. Look for the best in everything you see and do. 8 of Wands reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – You need to find something to do that lifts your thoughts and challenges your intellect—something outside of your ordinary day. Your emotions seem to be directing your speech patterns and may cause a few outbursts in the next week that will have you back paddling to fix. Sun reversed

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