Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
November 23 - 29, 2009

Aries (Mars) – It is time for action and not the place or time to let worries stop successful movement. The terrain may appear worn and not very useful but do not let that prevent you from seeing its beauty. 6 of Cups reversed

Taurus (Venus) – A direction taken reveals successful movement and an approaching arrival. The foundation is being solidified and the unknowns eliminated one by one. Decisions will become much easier to make. 6 of Swords

Gemini (Gemini) – The week begins on Sunday with some dissatisfaction but quickly changes to a high level of personal triumph. Managing people is your forte (who knew!), everyone is impressed with your skills and happy to comply. 9 of Cups reversed

Cancer (Moon) – While one endeavor is just getting underway, a second begins to take root. Your ability to assist is hampered in small ways and this is to be expected and considered quite normal. King of Wands

Leo (Sun) – A new avenue for prosperity and riches falls at your feet. The moment occurs quickly and the opportunity to establish yourself in a new world exists immediately. Emotional development is coming along nicely. 6 of Swords

Virgo (Mercury) – While working through limiting concepts around power, force and direction you discover an admired authority figure steeped in their own personal deception. Cut yourself loose mentally from them but continue forward. Page of Wands reversed

Libra (Venus) – A week of many decisions lays ahead. You are able to gather forces and direct them but internally you may feel drained. Rest as often as you can and release thinking about each decision once it is made. King of Wands reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – You are unable to see what is causing the personal problems and stumbling blocks. Repetitive issues are bound up in the inability to discern properly. Work on recognizing each piece before assimilating it. Page of Wands

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – You hear the calling to “change” but a steeped in a deep fear abut taking the first step. Guess what? The first step and the second and even the third has already occurred. Judgement

Capricorn (Saturn) – We are headed toward the season of Capricorn. This time of year is a point of personal review. Restate your hopes, wishes and dreams and practice saying them out loud. Devil

Aquarius (Uranus) – The logistics are mind boggling and causing some physical responses. Overall you are thrilled with the shifts but a daily walk and some exercise may help the body to catch up. Judgement

Pisces (Neptune) – Stop when you realize your mind chatter turns abusive and angry and replace the “noise” with a question, any question. Then, do not answer the question but allow the subconscious to return an image or word. 10 of Wands

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