Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
December 7 - 13, 2009

Aries (Mars) – Your plate can only hold so much before a larger plate is needed or a project or failing relationship needs to fall by the wayside. Home keeps us all grounded and the opportunity arises to make home the heart. 2 of Wands

Taurus (Venus) – Don't get involved in the argument(s). The foundation has been lost or destroyed and leadership is lacking so there is no point in trying to make sense of any of it. Choose something else to focus upon. 5 of Wands

Gemini (Mercury) – Balance, tempering and self awareness are available to examine. A great achievement, the culmination of many, many lifetimes, is occurring NOW. Be aware that others are shifting and because you are. Temperance

Cancer (Moon) – Home will keep you stable and life flowing even larger, but, you must allow it to. Some emotional shifting is taking place at the heart and an opportunity to approach a new project arises. Ace of Cups reversed

Leo (Sun) – Success, and more to arrive soon, fills a space in our reality. New opportunities that bring wealth and prosperity are in the research stages. Keep spiritual development as the foundation for everything. Devil reversed

Virgo (Mercury) – Spend a few moments every morning in meditation. This will allow you to “hear” and “see” opportunity throughout the day. Order and levels of authority should be followed if that's part of the job. Judgement

Libra (Venus) – Cutting through red tape is the special assignment this week. Decisions need to be made, successes noted and recognition of the process examined every few days. Your place in the world is being recognized on higher levels. Knight of Swords

Scorpio (Pluto) – Don't think about changing the direction or plan—it's already in motion. Examine each “situation” that seems to throw you off track—there is a theme. Arguments are brewing, sidestep them if you can. Fool reversed

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – A decision has been passed down and now it is time to move forward. Action is the key word this week. What do you need to be doing to make your life, and that of your family, better? Justice reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – The path may not seem well lighted and the decisions that need to be made may be confusing. Dropping old patterns and thoughts always leave unchartered territory and the need to examine personal beliefs. Hermit reversed

Aquarius (Uranus) – Picking up and leaving rattles all foundations. Ultimately the truth springs forward, the part of the story that is real and never ending. This is the part that cannot be shaken. Devil reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – Revelations, hidden agendas and mundane planning are in play. Decisions must be made to move it all forward. The ability to see all of the loose ends and tie them up is strong. Justice

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