Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
November 16 - 22, 2009

Aries (Mars) – Stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. Take further action to hone a skill—don't fall into the trap of believing you know everything there is to know. 9 of Cups

Taurus (Venus) – A moment of complete clarity allows you to proceed with a new identity. This means stepping forward on your path and allowing the “child” to grow up. Queen of Swords

Gemini (Mercury) – Business picks up and it appears that personal coffers will fill up quickly. Choosing to look past your assumptions and perceptions provides a new world to work within. 8 of Wands

Cancer (Moon) – You will have to take action on your own, without apparent help from others. Be very clear in your speech, don't talk off the cuff or others will misunderstand. Ace of Swords reversed

Leo (Sun) – Inner strength, the ability to observe and discern while placing emotions aside, has been tested recently. The test was passed and home and prosperity need an overhaul to match. Strength

Virgo (Mercury) – You made it through the latest debacle and feel quite satisfied over the results. The force and power of personality is now needed in order to respond to recent requests and demands. 9 of Cups

Libra (Venus) – Negotiating opportunities arise and lift the dull ache of worry and nightmare. The “what if's” can stop. It's time to recognize the inner strength and power you hold. Strength

Scorpio (Pluto) – A new relationship sends the psyche into the depths of personal experience. Dredged up are old stories ready for transformation. Find out what you are fighting against. 2 of Cups

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Help is available for dealing with any situation gone awry. Stabbing and slashing emotional responses is not the answer—self-examination and listening is. 6 Of Wealth

Capricorn (Saturn) – Practice a form of balancing when dealing with moving, adjusting or changing a living situation. Temper your words with thoughtful pauses or risk being misunderstood. 2 of Wealth

Aquarius (Uranus) – Your life is shifting in order to show you a new thread or path. Making changes at this moment in time has import for you and your family. What are you learning through this process? Knight of Swords reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – A work situation is riding high on accomplishment and accolades. Meanwhile, personal life is in the throws of confusion, boundaries are being tested and a new idea of self and coupling needs to emerge. King of Wealth

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