Fastlinking - Tarot, Sound, Vibration and the Brain

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Sound, hearing and vibration are core ideas in tarot. The Hierophant represents the concept of inner hearing or knowing--the still small voice that rises up inside. This is not the flattering voice or the astral chatter but a calm true feeling or knowing.

Because this is such a strong principle in tarot I track outer information that underscores how this process may work in the brain and body. Here are some fastlinks to the places I have been this week.

PBS has a new documentary titled 'The Music Instinct: Science and Song. Here's a review of last night's viewing. The show does ramble a bit but covers a broad range of disciplines and their connection to sound, vibration and the brain. Evelyn Glennie and Bobby McFerrin are included in the show.

If you have never heard of Evelyn Glennie you need to know about her. She's been deaf since birth and she's an incredible musician--percussionist. Her ability to speak is empowering. Here's a link to Evelyn Glennie's TED conference appearance.

Searching For Quiet -- Article on noise pollution, how to find a way to cope with it and the importance of maintaining hearing. Silence is important to cultivate.

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